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Ep30: To Do List Drama

On episode 30, I am going to talk with you about the value of having a single, full and TRUE To Do list.

Your current To Do list probably isn’t complete and is probably mostly up in your head – and this is stopping you from living your most aligned life and getting what you desire. It is also causing unnecessary worry and anxiety trying to “remember” all the things you need to get done.

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E29: What Would Death Do?

On episode 29, I am going to talk with you about how making a practice of thinking about death everyday can add so much more freedom, depth & expansion to your life.

It’s one of the secrets to living a more free & joyous life.

Death has been one of my greatest teachers and a concept I look to everyday as I also reflect on and celebrate with gratitude the gift of my own life.

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E28: Healing Hurry Sickness

On episode 28, I am going to talk with you about Hurry Sickness, something that can seriously effects your health & quality of life.

I learned about hurry sickness a few years back and realized I had it! Yikes!

Becoming aware of what Hurry Sickness is changed my life for the better and has helped me learn when to harness some of the things I learned from it and how to detach from it as well to come back to the present moment & connection.

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E27: Eliminating Niche Drama in Business & Life

On episode 27, I am going to share with you how to find your niche in business & life without the drama.

Niching is just about making choices about what you want and don’t want in your life.

Niching exists to serve you and to serve your ideal client. It’s really built out of sacred reciprocity and connection.

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Did you grow up watching movies like Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid or Beauty and the Beast? And why you might have fond memories, you should go back and take a 2nd quick look.

Seriously…the plots are filled with such disempowering grooming of women to just wait, be pretty and nice, and then one day you will be saved by a non-descript, rich, “handsome” man.

It’s so unrealistic, yet so many women still harbor some sort of subconscious fantasy about Mr. Right that often ties back to this conditioning that happened at such a young age.

I mean, do you remember Beauty and the Beast? The Beast is both basically verbally and physically abuse to Belle and pretty much everyone he meets (he even kidnapped her)….yet she still tries to “fix” him and falls in love? (Stockholm Syndrome much!!)

What?!?! This dude both looks and acts like a beast?

And we wonder why so many women end up in abusive relationships. We have been groomed from a young age that this sh*t is OK. That this is part of a fairy tale ending…

The message is…

“If you try hard enough, you can love someone into becoming a better person.”

Anyone who has tried that, knows it’s BS. People only change if they want to. You can’t change anyone.

‍The sooner you stop believing in fairy tales and watching them the better. In fact, the sooner you stop watching about 98% of the stuff on TV, the better, as most of it is very disempowering to women and minorities.

Try to find shows that embody the world you want to be part of and watch that instead. I love a good TV binge, but that stuff gets in your subconscious and does affect you – so be picky about what you put in your brain. It matters. ⚡️

I will be writing a post on both my favorite shows for kids and adults later this month that pass my non-fairy tale BS meter – basically shows that are both empowering and fun.

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