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I LOVE money and I can’t wait to share with you how you can change your relationship with money so it works for you. This will be the first episode out of many where I am going to start helping you get over your money blocks.

On this episode you will learn: 

  • Where your scarcity money mindset comes from
  • Why money scarcity and your thoughts about money are not “the truth”
  • An amazing tool to start changing your money mindset so you can start taking control of your money today

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It's no secret that my clients love their results...

It's no secret that my clients love their results...

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Hi, I'm Kathrine. I'm a certified Life Coach, Creatrix of my own Multi Million $ Biz, Intersectional Feminist, & Mama to 3 little people. I'm like a combo of a top business strategist, manifesting maven and a No-BS best friend who will call you out and get you back on track to your ideal life.

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Speaker 1: (00:02)
Welcome to the Wildly Confident podcast, where we discuss all the ways to help you get more confident, make more money and get the results you want in your life stat. I’m Kathrine Weissner your host. I’m a certified life coach and the creatrix of my own multimillion dollar business,

Speaker 2: (00:24)
Man. I’m so glad that you are here and that you are taking the next 10 minutes to help up-level your life. I just got back from Mexico and I am so inspired just to get back connecting with the community. So today we are going to be talking about money. Money is one of my favorite topics. I can’t believe I didn’t do a podcast until now about money. And we are just going to start dipping our toes in it. I have so many things to chat about regarding money with y’all. So since we only have 10 minutes, we’re just going to start on the very, very basics. Every single one of my clients has some problem with money that they are working on, and those problems could be anywhere from like, they think money is bad. They think making money is hard. They don’t think they’re ever going to make enough money.

Speaker 2: (01:18)
They are never able to save any money. And it is just absolutely fascinating. What a teacher money is. It’s one of those universal teachers that shows up in everyone’s lives to help them get over their limiting beliefs. So I’m going to just give you a little bit of background on why so many people have money problems with money and why money is a great tool. It’s because not too long ago, like just maybe like a few generations back your lineage, your ancestral lineage probably was living in poverty. You know, the idea of like the middle-class or even upward mobility is a pretty new thing. And the deal is, is like, just, let’s just take like, you know, the 18 hundreds, for example, okay. In the 18 hundreds, 81% of people lived in extreme poverty and that’s a lot. And you might say, oh yeah, but that was so long ago.

Speaker 2: (02:25)
It really wasn’t that long ago. It’s only a few generations back in your family. And that starts to change a lot. Like as we get to the 19 hundreds, like only 56% of people are living in extreme poverty, but guys that’s over 50%. These people were potentially unable to feed their families, unable to get proper clothing, proper shelter, right. Money was very scarce. Okay. And then we fast forward to the two thousands and we’re like, it’s down to 11% and it’s still horrible than anyone living in extreme poverty. And it’s something that it’s good to remind ourselves of, um, and how we can continue to help people, um, getting out of extreme poverty. But what I’m offering to you is that scarcity mindset that you have around money. Just the idea that there’s not enough, that it’s hard to get that money’s like bad. Okay.

Speaker 2: (03:22)
That stuff comes from real scarcity events in your lineage. Probably. I mean, maybe you were part of the 20% back in 1800 that did not live in extreme poverty. But even if you didn’t like, you probably still lived in poverty, you probably weren’t part of like that 1% super wealthy living in the castle. Right, right. Like there is still a lot of almost like trauma and scary passed on from generation to generation because where most of us have learned everything we know about money is from our family. Okay. So I, so many of my clients have the same issues with money that their parents had or like a variation of it. Okay. If their parents were like overspenders and that relate to their counts and constantly going into debt, guess what? My client is typically the same way. Right. If my parents, if their parents thought money was a bad thing and they thought it was wrong to make a bunch of money, like my clients typically gonna have that same exact thought.

Speaker 2: (04:23)
And the thing that I’m trying to point out to you guys right now is just that there are so many, many different thoughts that people have about money. Okay. And that’s when we know it’s not a fact when there are so many different thoughts coming in, we know it’s not a truth. It’s just a choice to have that thought part of what’s hard about money or, you know, in general, just changing any of our, um, limiting beliefs is about, you know, 95% of the time we are running, um, from our subconscious mind, okay. Subconscious programs. And those programs were acquired through observation typically before we were six years old and mainly from our parents and our family, because that’s who we were hanging out with back then. And so since 95% of the time we’re running from those programs, it can be really hard times to change some of those money patterns going on in your family.

Speaker 2: (05:25)
If you want to make more money, it’s completely possible to do it. You aren’t stuck being the, you know, candle maker that your father was, and there’s a set wage for that. And that’s all you can ever be. Like, there are so many opportunities out there. So we don’t live in a scarce world, but this scarcity mindset has been passed on from generation to generation. And that’s why there is so much tuck, I think right now about abundance mindset, moving into abundance and realizing that, you know, money is abundant. It truly is abundant. It is everywhere, right? Like I already said, they keep printing it over and over again, like it just keeps going on and off. There is no limit to the amount of money out there. Right. If you want it, if you want it, you just have to get out of your own way.

Speaker 2: (06:22)
And that’s okay. Where so many of my clients are stuck. And so the first tool I want to give you the first micro Prachar practice around money that I do with clients. And this one is game changer. And it’s so easy guys, because what we’re going to be doing here as I’m going to talk about money in a few different podcasts coming up, but the first money tool is awareness. Okay. So many of us, because we’re in that unconscious mode, we’re just completely unaware of, uh, our relationship with money. Most of us are afraid of our money. And I know this people are like, no, I’m not afraid. I’m like, well, how often you check, do you check your statement? How often do you balance your accounts? Do you know what you spend your money on? Right. Like we know what we put in our body every day.

Speaker 2: (07:08)
I know people that track like their calories, like their workout schedule. They weigh themselves every day. Like there are all these things that we really, you know, spend time on. Even like social media, like we know what people are up to and what they’re doing. But if I asked like someone to chat with me about their money and what their money’s up to, they’re like, well, I think I have this much. And I’m like, well, what do you spend it on? And they’re like, I don’t know really. I mean, I think I do this, I do that. And then when I actually have them do the work and figure out what they’re spending it on, it is very different from what they think. And I think that just goes to show how much of a block we have with money and how much we want to avoid it and not engage with it.

Speaker 2: (07:49)
And so, but everyone wants to make almost everyone I’ve talked to unless, you know, the only people I know who don’t want to make a bunch more money are people that have a bunch of money. Right. Then they want more time. Usually it’s funny how that works, but, um, yeah, people ever all I’ve almost ever, and I know wants to make more money or wants to love their money more or be more comfortable around money. And so the trick, the first trick I have for you to get to know your money more, I don’t want you to do a big spreadsheet and do like a bunch of balancing and stuff. I just want you to go online to your checking account every single day. And I want you to look at what you spent money on for the day. And I want you to ask yourself, did that purchase serve you?

Speaker 2: (08:33)
How did that purchase make you feel? That’s all I want you to do. Okay. That’s the first step awareness is the first step. Okay. Becoming aware of how we spend our money and why are we spend our money is going to help you take control back over your money. Because for most people, their money is controlling them right now. It’s controlling them. They’re afraid of it because they worry about it, right? They’re in a place of victim hood and their money is like, it’s like the oppressor oppressing them. And guys money is neutral. I mean, it’s a piece of paper. The fact that like money has so much power over so many people and that people are afraid to look at it or engage with it because of what they’re making it mean about themselves. It just is absolutely not necessary anymore. In the culture we live in here in the United States where there’s plenty of opportunities to make more money.

Speaker 2: (09:27)
So please, please, please try this practice out for a week. And like, I’m like, so 80 20 here guys, like if you like a B minus, okay. If you do it 80% of the time. Great. Okay. Even if you do it one day, great, because that’s one more step. What’s just one step, getting you more aware and comfortable with your money. If you check your checking account every single day, okay. For a month, you will get so comfortable with it. Okay. You will get so comfortable with it. And that’s part of getting, letting go of the fear. Like we’re afraid of the unknown. So how does something become known? We just sit with it. We get used to seeing it, right? You just log in and you do it the first few days might feel a little uncomfortable. The good news is though, the more you do it, the more comfortable you’re going to feel.

Speaker 2: (10:20)
And it’s just going to become like second nature, like checking your social media account guys. Like you go on Instagram every day and you check out stuff and that’s fun. How can you know, how do you get comfortable checking your money? How do you start having fun with checking your money? You do this process. You just keep coming back to it, even if it’s uncomfortable in the beginning. And what’s fun about this is like you just check in with your purchases on what you made and you see how it feels. And you know, like if you feel negative about a purchase, like that’s something for you to kind of sit and think about, right? Like maybe you didn’t need that. Maybe it’s not really serving anything. And it gets to the point when you’re doing this, that all of your purchases, like the more you do this, all of your purchases will be things that you feel good about, like that make you happy.

Speaker 2: (11:05)
And so the cool thing is the more you do this, the more you’re going to have purchases that make you happy. And typically the less money you’re going to be spending. Um, so people trying to save money. This is a great tool, great tool of awareness. And this is exactly what you need to do to bring your money beliefs from the subconscious to the conscious, okay, by doing this, you’re being intentional and conscious about checking in with your money every day. And that’s the only way you’re going to be like take back control from the subconscious programming that you had from when you were a child. So you have to get friendly with your money. You have to get to know it, stay tuned for more, of the money process I do with clients and future podcasts. But people, if you just do this for a week, two weeks, three weeks, you will feel so much more in control of your money. So enjoy this process and I’ll talk to you next week. Bye.

Speaker 1: (12:08)
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