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Today, on the Wildly Confident Podcast Episode #7, I’m going to be chatting with you about a few practices so you can feel calmer in your body by learning how to regulate your nervous system.

We are always on the go, go, go and hardly take any time to take care of our bodies. Maybe we work out a few times a week or try and eat healthy, but we are doing very little to help our nervous system stay regulated and calm. 

In this episode, we are going to talk about: 

  • What day-to-day activities can increase our anxiety and stress if we don’t address them. 
  • The sense of making a choice with our feeling for the sake of feeling safe. 
  • How to notice when we’re not feeling safe and how to feel safe again.
  • How can we start to regulate and calm our nervous system so that we can feel safe and lower our anxiety and stress? 

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It's no secret that my clients love their results...

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Welcome to the Wildly Confident Podcast, where we discuss all the ways to help you get more confident, make more money and get the results you want in your life. I’m Katherine Weisner, your host, I’m a certified life coach, and the createtrix of my own multimillion dollar business. Today, I’m going to be chatting with you about a few practices so you can feel safer in your body, and you can learn how to regulate your nervous system. One of the main things I do with my clients is I work with them on a number of somatic practices interwoven with the mindset and strategic work we do because we all have different emotions and feelings caught in our body. And those often do not make us feel very safe. And sometimes we can’t even identify why or what happened to not make us feel safe in certain situations, we can just feel it in our bodies. And so I work with clients as part of the coaching I do on how to learn how to calm their bodies down and to reset their nervous systems. And these are just amazing practices to have just in general. It doesn’t mean that you had some major trauma in your life just because you’re using these practices that you can identify. Although most people I know have gone through at least one traumatic experience or what they would identify as being traumatic and know exactly what I’m talking about here. But often just the lifestyle we lead can have kind of micro traumas. And it almost just the high, high speed high, fast pays to go go go lifestyle, drink coffee, stay up late work outside of your work hours, cell phones always being on right, that just gets your nervous system kind of activated way more than I believe it used to be activated. Say like 50 years ago, or even you know, 10 years ago before we had cell phones all the time. And I definitely think this is one of the reasons why we’re seeing just increases in anxiety and depression in our culture is just the inability to have us not knowing how to regulate our own nervous system, how to calm it down so we can feel safe. And our bodies after all, safety. If you look at Maslow’s pyramid safety is right after the basic needs right after like shelter, and food, then come safety. It’s really important for our body and our mind to be able to be at optimum operating to feel safe. And I also want to tell you that when we make choices in our life, we often make the choice that feels most safe to us, even if it might not be the most logical choice to you right off the bat. Because we have such a desire to want to feel safe and have that feeling of safety. And this actually, I mean, I think about foot binding, for example. And if you guys don’t know what that is in China, the practice has been done away with, but it used to be that women would bind their feet. And if you look it up, it’s a very painful process. And it makes them so they can hardly even walk. I mean, they’re almost like disabled because of it. And you think, we sit here today and we look at that. And we think oh my gosh, I can’t believe those women used to do that. Obviously, it’s so bad for you, and so painful. But women used to do it because that was what the norm was in their society, in order to be marriageable, to be someone who people wanted to marry. And that was pretty much in that society, a very patriarchal one white women were there to do like, if you didn’t get married, you’re not going to be in a good place. And so binding your feet was what one of the ways that a woman could guarantee a good marriage. And that was how she kept safe back then. And so this is just something really interesting to think about as we start to incorporate more practices in our life to feel safe now that we don’t have you know, we as women have so much more freedoms, than we used to have even 50 years ago, 100 years ago. You had to remember the United States, it’s been only about 100 years since women had the vote. And there’s still a lot of trauma in our bodies, where you know, we didn’t feel safe, or maybe our mothers didn’t feel safe and someone that gets passed on ancestrally. So, just practicing these different somatic practices are going to help calm your nervous system even if you can’t identify why sometimes you just feel unsafe you feel on edge. So what I’m going to be doing with you today is I am going to be doing a meditation that I give clients to help them feel safe. And I truly believe, you know, having a felt sense of safety in your body, one of the things we can do is we can just kind of, it’s like banking, like the way that you can put money away for a rainy day, the more we do these safety practices, the more we have a felt sense of safety in our body. And we’re constantly being aware, you know, of our nervous system, and we’re attending to our nervous systems needs, the less, we’ll need to do it in the future. So, these are also great practices to do with your kids, if anyone has kids. I do a number of somatic practices with them every day to help them learn how to regulate their nervous system. So they’re not getting to the point where they’re feeling really anxious all the time or on edge all the time. Because just like we shower, well, at least a few times a week, we brush our teeth multiple times a day, our nervous system is a part of us that needs to be taken care of too. And there are practices we can do every day to help our nervous system feel safe, and to feel like it’s being well taken care of. So we’re going to be starting the meditation in about a minute. So if you’re driving, this is the time to turn this podcast off. And remember that right around six and a half, seven minutes into the podcast is when you want to turn it back on do the meditation later today. And this meditation is a great one to do any time of the day, especially if you feel like your nervous system is elevated, you’re feeling anxious, you’re feeling unsafe in your body. This is the time to take this out. And it’s a super short meditation, and it is going to really help you calm down. So without further ado, I’m going to get started. Find yourself in a comfortable, quiet space. And take a deep breath. Look around. You are right here in the present and secure. Notice your feet on the ground and the weight of your body where you are sitting, or lying. Feel your stomach move in and out as you breathe. I want you to look around your surroundings. And notice one thing comforting that you can see right now what color and shape is that? Now listen quietly. What can you hear nearby? What can you hear even further out? Now I want you to feel the texture of your clothing or something in the room. How does it feel? soft, cozy. You are right here in the present moment, safe and secure. And now I’m going to invite you to close your eyes and to take another long, deep breath. And I’m going to invite you to just allow your mind to do whatever it wants to do. It can be busy, it can be spacious. It can have thoughts. And in this moment, the only thing that I’m going to ask you to notice is that you are breathing and that you are breathing no matter what your thoughts are doing. So if you could notice your breath in this moment, the inhale and the exhale. You might notice the way it moves your belly and your lungs and your ribs. Expanding gently on the inhale and releasing. You might be able to follow the air as it moves in through the nose down the throat. Perhaps noticing how deeply it goes into your body before you exhale. Your breath is always breathing in and out. consistent, supportive. Even when you’re not thinking about it. Always in and out. Now, I want you to remember a time when you felt safe and happy and like yourself. Take a few moments. And remember this place in your mind’s eye right now. Where were you notice the colors of the space. Can you hear anything? How did you feel inside feel the safe and happy placed inside for the next few minutes. relish this place, and feel how safe and happy you are there. And when you’re ready, you can take a deep breath, and very slowly you’re welcome to start noticing your outer environment. wiggle your toes, and your fingers. Feel your body resting comfortably where it is safe and supported. Take a deep breath and open your eyes. If you have not already, look around the room and notice you’re in the present moment. Notice your feet on the ground and the weight of your body where you’re sitting or lying. You’re safe and you are secure. Know that you always carry the safe and happy place with you at all times. And you can always go back to this place whenever you need to by remembering it and taking a deep breath. This places you and you carry it with you wherever you go.Now, go in peace. Thank You for joining. I hope you come back next week. Join my mailing list to get notified of my podcasts. Follow me on Instagram at @KatWeissner and check out my website. I’ve got tons of free stuff on there

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