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This week we are working on manifesting things that you desire in your life, and how to really use the light in you to help pull that stuff out of the ground, or out of yourself, literally and physically.  This episode is a little longer because we are doing a meditation that starts 6 minutes  in and ends at 13 minutes. 

Last time we talked about how to get rid of the weeds, so we can plant our seeds aka manifest our dreams, goals, and desires. Today, we are working on how to grow that seed through cultivating our light. 

In this episode we are going to talk about:

  • How to grow the seed and work on your manifestations. 
  • How to cultivate your light through a sun meditation. 
  • Owning your shadow or limiting beliefs to actually manifest bigger and better things. 
  • the power we have, as the sun, to visualize and start to live into what we want to manifest now, even before we have it.

We are also doing a sun mediation (minute six) to help that idea that you’re trying to manifest or that future dream you have out of the shadow.

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It's no secret that my clients love their results...

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Hi, I'm Kathrine. I'm a certified Life Coach, Creatrix of my own Multi Million $ Biz, Intersectional Feminist, & Mama to 3 little people. I'm like a combo of a top business strategist, manifesting maven and a No-BS best friend who will call you out and get you back on track to your ideal life.

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Welcome to the wildly confident Podcast, where we discuss all the ways to help you get more confident, make more money and get the results you want in your life staff. I’m Katherine Weisner, your host. I’m a certified life coach and the Creator of my own multimillion dollar business. Hey, everyone, so glad you’re here. This week, we are going to be focusing on more manifesting. And if you did not listen to last week’s episode, on manifesting seeds definitely go listen to that when you’re done with this one, because it really is the other half of some of the great manifesting tools I work with, for people. So, on this episode, we are going to be working on manifesting things that you desire in your life, and how to really use the light in you to help pull that stuff out of the ground, or out of yourself, literally and physically. As you know, I use a lot of gardening analogies, and when it comes to manifesting, I talk about planting seeds or planting dreams, visions, goals and the things you desire in your life. Just like he would plant seeds, and you plant that stuff in you and you need to nurture it in you before it is really ready to come out into the external world. And this nurturing is where so many people get stuck with not being able to manifest what they want. There is within us a number of limiting beliefs, which are just going to stop that seed, that desire you have from really being able to get to the ground to get to grow into anything, because we just have a hard time believing it’s possible. And those limiting beliefs are all things that are are not permanent. You don’t have to keep those things. That’s the good news. They all come from things outside of you. You weren’t born with limiting beliefs. No one is born thinking they suck or they’re not worthy. Babies don’t think that about themselves. They’re all ideas that have come from the outside world. I call them weeds in my little garden analogy because they come into your garden, the garden of your soul, the garden of your heart, who you truly are. And they just block out the sun, they steal all the energy and they overall just kind of make you feel crappy. The thing about weeds is like even once we’ve removed some of those limiting beliefs, there’s going to be parts of you that you have split off more or less or that you have said like, Hey, I don’t like this part of me because it makes me feel bad or not worthy or like I’m not a good person. And we need to reincorporate those parts of us back into the wholeness in the fullness of what we are. Those parts are commonly referred to as shadows. And in the last podcast, I talked about an amazing practice to help you bring those shadow parts of you those parts that you have split off because of some false narratives society has given you back into your wholeness, because that is going to solve so many problems with your manifesting. The more in your wholeness you are, the bigger you are, the more space you have to lay deep roots in that shadow area, which is going to help you when you’re coming out from the internal part out into the external world to start growing physically the things you desire in your life, the stronger the roots, right, the more capability you have to owning all of the parts of you that you might be ashamed of that you think of right now, the more chance that you’re going to be able to manifest bigger and better things. So owning your shadow is absolutely imperative to being able to manifest and that’s actually like the first 51% have to be able to own that part, at least partially. There’s no perfection here, people, okay, just own it, just owning part of it is going to help you get more done that you are currently capable of. So make sure you check out the podcast from last week to get the micro practice on owning your shadow. Today, what we’re going to be doing is a practice on really cultivating your light. So you are also like the sun to your seed, okay, and the sun is going to help that idea that you’re trying to manifest that future dream you have okay out of the shadow. And it’s so important that we start to realize the power we have as the sun to visualize and start to Live into what we want to manifest now even before we have it. So we are going to be practicing being funds for our future visions. And I’m going to do a little meditation for you. And you can come back and listen to this meditation multiple times a week, if you want to this week, if you want to, it is absolutely amazing. And giving your seat a little bit of extra nutrients, a little bit of extra love a little bit of extra sun to help it pull itself out of the shadow out of the ground a little bit faster. And just make this whole process of manifesting and getting what you want a little bit easier. We all love easy, right? So what I’m going to have you do right now is we are going to do the manifesting sun meditation. And so if you’re in your car driving or doing something where you can’t do this meditation, just know it’s about. We’re going to start the meditation about six minutes through this podcast. What I’d like you to do to get ready for the meditation is to find yourself in a comfortable place. It could be sitting tall, with your spine elongated, it could be laying comfortably in your bed with cozy blanket. It could also just be gardening outside and smelling of fresh air. And feeling the aliveness all around jail. And I’m going to invite you to just allow your mind to do whatever it wants to do. It can be busy, it can be spacious, it can have thoughts. And in this moment, the only thing I’m going to ask you to notice is that you are breathing and that you are breathing, no matter what your thoughts are doing. So if you could notice your breath, in this moment, the inhale and the exhale, you might notice the way it moves your belly, and your lungs and your ribs. Expanding gently on the inhale and releasing, you might be able to follow the air as it moves in through your nose, down the throat, perhaps noticing how deeply it goes into your body before you exhale. You might even notice how far out of your body the exhale goes. Your breath is always breathing, in and out. consistent, supportive, even when you’re not thinking about it. Always in and out. Notice how wonderful that it responds to your direction. And that it can slow down if you want it to. You can even exhale even more completely if you want. And as you continue to notice your breath, your natural and comfortable breath, I would invite you to let your body feel its own density and weight on which it rests your body and breath here in this moment, the only moment in time. And I wonder if there are some ways you might notice that you are comfortable. Perhaps it’s the softness of your shirt, or a blanket that makes you comfortable. Or the softness of the chair or ground supporting you. It might also be comforting to know that you have access to food and water. And in this moment, you are sheltered from the elements outside, allowing your breath to guide you into this moment, allowing your body to recognize all the ways it’s comforted and supported. Soft textures, comfortable environment. As your body gets more rested, as your breath continues to breathe itself. You are safe, you are held. You are loved. And now what I want you to do is I want you to start to visualize what your life is like once you have the thing you’re trying to manifest in it. So I want you to first pull up what you’re trying to manifest. Can you see it? I want you to go forward in time to when you already have that thing. Can you imagine already having it? What does it look like? I want you to describe right now in your head, what it’s going to look like, when you have what you’re trying to manifest in your life. What do you see around you? What do you hear? What does it smell like? How do you feel inside? Do you feel radiant? Do you feel excited, joyful, touching with how you feel in the future, once you have what you desire in your life now. Now, I want you to ask your future self. What advice can she or he give you? Right now, in order to help you manifest what you desire into your life? What is it that they can tell you that will help you manifest what you want. I want you to sit here just for a minute. And I want you to just really feel how amazing it’s going to be when you have what you’re trying to manifest in your life. I want you to feel it in your toes, in your knees, and your hips. And your stomach, in your heart, in your hands. And in your head. bring a smile to your face. How good does it feel to know that you manifested exactly what you desired in your life? How powerful does it feel to know that you are capable of getting whatever you want. When you’re ready, you can bring your attention back to your breath and your body very slowly, you are welcome to start noticing your outer environment, the place where you are, bring gentle movement into your body. And when you feel complete, you can end this meditation. I hope that you were able to connect in with your future self. So you could deeply tap into what I call the sun. So what I’d like you to do is I would like you now to think back on the feelings you felt when you had this thing you’re trying to manifest in your life, that is the energy that the sun is going to be radiating to help the seed come out of the ground and you and I want you to think of any advice that you got from your future self. And this is the advice. These are the mantras that I want you to write down that you are going to say to your seed, right people talk to plants, we talk to ourselves too. They say the talking to plants helps them grow. And it’s it’s true. And this talking to yourself in a way coming from the place in you that already has what you want already knows that you’re going to get it is going to help that seed grow in you. So your homework for this week is to shine upon yourself those feelings that you felt when you had it. So if it was a feeling of being empowered, a feeling of being inspired a feeling of just pure love, I want you to come back to that part in the meditation and to just feel those in your body. Just feeling that it’s going to help your seed grow. That is the sun that’s gonna help pull it out. I also want you to practice saying the positive things that your future self told you the advice that your future self told you to help you get this thing manifested in your life. Okay, we went a little bit over 10 minutes today because we ended up doing that meditation, but just remember, right we care for our seed. Okay. We care for our seed. And we do that by one shining the sun on it right shining that energy, that fuel that’s going to help that seed want to come out of the ground. And we also do that by saying loving and kind of things to it, and things that are empowering. And that’s why we got the advice from our future self, who already knows we’re going to get exactly what we want in our life and what is going to help us believe that it’s possible. And this is how you bring more light more sun, and it’s going to help your seed just get off to a great start.

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