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On episode 27, I am going to share with you how to find your niche in business & life without the drama. 

Niching is just about making choices about what you want and don’t want in your life. 

Niching exists to serve you and to serve your ideal client. It’s really built out of sacred reciprocity and connection. 

On this episode you will learn: 

  • What Niching really is
  • 2 tools to help define your Niche & Attract in your Ideal Clients
  • How to deal with Niching objections in your brain (the drama!)

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Speaker 1: (00:00)
Hey, so excited. You’re here for 10 or 15 minutes to up level your life. This week, we are talking about the wonderful topic of nicheing nicheing for your business and nicheing for your personal life. First, I’m gonna share with you the definition of nicheing in the dictionary, which is if specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service. I define nicheing like this. Okay. I feel like in life, we are on one big journey. Uh, one really holy beautiful, sacred journey. That’s just for us. And the along the way, right? We get to try lots of different experiences to figure out what we like and what we don’t like. And those experiences actually help us make decisions for the next thing to do the next part of the journey. That’s why, when I often work with people on their businesses, you know, we, we work three months to one year ahead of time, because so much of what happens today or tomorrow, the next day actually helps inform what is best for the business.

Speaker 1: (01:10)
So we don’t get too attached to our plans. We leave some space, right? To listen to the guidance we’re getting along the way. So we can make the shifts in our business that are in a alignment with our highest good alignment with our journey here on earth. So I feel like nicheing is just a decision that you make along your journey, okay. About which types of roads or places you’re going to journey to to. So it’s just becoming more specific and more clear about where you’re gonna be going, what you’re gonna be doing, why you’re going there. Okay. Who you’re gonna wanna meet, why you’re there and how you’re going to engage with whoever shows up along your journey. I like to think of my nicheing journey. Like very visual for me on my journey in life. I have seen myself going down a river, right.

Speaker 1: (02:13)
And experiencing that beautiful river for years. Okay. And I have recently decided to get off the river for time being, and set up a beautiful house along the river, because there’s some things there that I’m seeing. I really like a lot that I’m drawn to. There’s like a beautiful Blackberry Bush here. And there’s a place where I’m building this beautiful house right now. And it’s got like heart shape windows and a cozy fireplace with the chair. And there’s lots of other people near this area that I really wanna connect with. And my energy feels very alive here. I feel very inspired and motivated. I love the people who live in this area and I’m really excited to be here. So I’m choosing, I’m choosing to stop my journey of exploration down the river or stop whatever journey you’re on right now. Maybe your exploration through the woods or through the forest, right.

Speaker 1: (03:16)
I’m choosing to intentionally stop that journey to, because I’m feeling really called to a certain place in time right now. And to, to, to serve that area, to serve that place. And for that area to serve me as well, right? It’s the energy reciprocity. That’s calling me to a certain location where certain people are gathering and that’s what I nicheing down. I know that was kind of a, a long explanation, but it doesn’t have to be, you know, um, as, as, uh, I guess painful as I think some people think nicheing down has to be, I actually think it’s a really beautiful, slow, intentional, easy journey and find what you’re called into doing specifically. Now there’s obvi always a number of mindset issues that can crop up and put us into scarcity and freak us out something to talk to, uh, talk on that a little bit later, but nicheing can just be as easy as going on your journey of life and noticing all of a sudden, there’s a place you wanna stop.

Speaker 1: (04:21)
It’s just calling to you and you know, you need to stop there. And while you’re there, you’re gonna learn a whole lot more about what specifically is being called for you to do there. Okay. And specifically how you are going to be involved with that. And also that you are going to get something back, right. It’s a really, really beautiful thing, but you have to be paying attention to the signs and you also have to be on the journey. Right? so like when I first started coaching a few years ago, I didn’t know what my niche was. And there was so much talk about, you got a niche down, you gotta find a niche. If you’re gonna make money, you’re gonna, you gotta down. And first of all, um, I did not niche down for a while and I’m still in the process of nicheing down.

Speaker 1: (05:08)
Okay. Actually, I think it might be a lifelong journey of exploration into, uh, how to best serve people around me, how I’m best gonna be served. And again, I, I think it’s a journey of sacred reciprocity and align my it. And I think that also shifts throughout a lifetime. So I think I’m constantly gonna be in a, a place of nicheing down and serving, you know, the best and the clients I most serve to call the best way I can throughout my entire life. And just thinking that thought is so juicy to me, , I’m like so excited to think that I’m like, nicheing is amazing, but I didn’t used to think that way. I used to be like, oh my gosh. Nicheing like, I have to just pick one thing and stick to it. Like, what’s something that’s gonna make me money or make me be successful.

Speaker 1: (05:52)
Or like get me clients. Like when I first started coaching, I was like, what’s the, what’s the golden answer. What’s the answer. And of course there is no answer. If someone tells you there’s an answer, I just say, like, I just don’t think that’s a possible thing. It’s not, no one has the answer for you on your niche, but you, and often you don’t know what the niche is going to be until you do the journey. I’ve worked my way, this far into my business personally, because I’ve been on a journey. I’ve been on a journey at first to coach everyone I met, right. I would coach anyone and everyone. And it was only through that process that I was able to figure out which sort of clients I was really aligned with, which sort of clients really inspired me, which sort of clients were really getting really great results from the work I was doing with them.

Speaker 1: (06:43)
Right. Who was I calling in? And what was it about that certain group of clients that had to do with what I desired in my life and what was I bringing to them? Okay. That is nicheing down, nicheing down is just part of a journey that happens naturally along the way. If you’re paying attention to your business journey and much like in life, it’s the same thing. Let me give you an example from dating . So you know who hasn’t, you know, in the beginning of their dating history, I don’t wanna say like, but just dated some people that weren’t that great, right. That just weren’t a good fit. And some people were complete that I dated too. Oh my gosh. But just dated people that weren’t great fits and you say, well, never that again, or that didn’t work. Right. And then you’re like, well, maybe this, maybe this is gonna work for better.

Speaker 1: (07:38)
Right. And as you go along the dating process, you become clearer and clearer about what that you want in that journey. Right? What you desire and eventually not always, but eventually you might be, you might be persuaded to stop along the way and stop journeying and just experience a journey with someone in a location, a while in a community for a while, whatever that is and not to continue down the exploration path, just to explore in one place, instead of exploring like a thousand opportunities, you’re just an explore with one person in one place. And that’s what I call nicheing like even getting married to me is like a form of nicheing. Um, you’re kind of saying, this is the experience I’m looking to have right now. And I’ve come to this place because of a lot of other things that have led me here.

Speaker 1: (08:26)
And it feels right in my gut, it feels right in my soul. It feels right in my intuition. And the only reason I know this is right, is because I’ve been on a journey where I had a big net out and I was allowing for a lot of things to come in and I was willing to sit with those things and be like, this feels right. This doesn’t feel right. And then I continue to follow the path of what feels right. And that’s how I got to this place. And it’s the same thing with business. Okay. It’s the same exact thing with your business. So if you’re having nicheing drama right now, and you’re freaking out about not having a niche, you know, my advice to anyone freaking out about this is to go back and I want you just to think about, you know, if you’re a coach or you’re a spiritual practitioner, your entire journey to date, and I want you to, to even notice how you have now naturally be, nicheing probably along the way, even if you haven’t said so on your website or stuff, or any of that stuff, you have been energetically nicheing cuz you’re drawing a certain clientele to you it’s naturally happening and you don’t even need to think about it.

Speaker 1: (09:29)
but I it’s good for the brain to understand how it’s working. And so I think it’s really important that people write out, you know, um, look at a history almost of the clients they’ve had over a time period and be like, wow, I started out with all these clients, you know, these types of clients in here now it’s like this and now it’s like this and you start to see a natural process. That’s just organically happening for your highest good for you to attract the, your soulmate ideal clients. And for you guys to be in that sacred reciprocity, right. There’s there’s that energy that you guys have together. And it’s absolutely beautiful. And, but I also wanna say about nicheing too and, and a way that once you feel like you’re in a place like, wow, I mean, I love all the, these clients or maybe I love these four clients or, you know, even let’s talk about business here, like businesses that don’t serve clients directly that have products, like let’s say you’re a photographer and you know, you might start out like doing any type of photography or, and then you start to notice, you know, in your business, if you start drawing out a timeline and start looking at the journey of your business, that the people you’re really drawn to working with are women on for the photographer business, maybe women entrepreneurs who are environmentally conscious, uh, on branding, shoot that already, all of a sudden you’ll notice like that is your niche probably.

Speaker 1: (10:51)
Right. Especially if it excites you, if you’re like, yes, I wanna do that. But chances are that just now actually happened. Okay. You can’t, I don’t think you can pick it out beforehand and be like, this is it. And then just do it for the next 10 years. I actually think it’s just an organic natural process that happens something you don’t really need to worry about. Other than I think doing some of these processes, I’m gonna share with you right now, like writing out your, your history so far, like who are the clients you’ve worked with so far, who are the ones you’ve loved? How has your business shifted and changed along the way to bringing in more of those clients that you just absolutely are so lit up to work with, follow your energy and emotion and your niche will just organically and naturally happen to you without having to worry too much about it.

Speaker 1: (11:40)
Another thing I think is super important from what I call the math standpoint, to understanding your, your niche is to do client interviews at least every six months. So what I do is I actually, um, will interview anywhere from six to 15 clients and I will, um, ask to record those sessions in zoom. And I will run through a series of questions to understand why the client hired me. What sort of experience are they looking for? Right. How, what was problem coming into it? And it, it doesn’t have to be that you are, um, a coach like me to do this. You can do it for anything, like, for example, for the photographer, um, she would interview all of, uh, maybe like a range of like her ideal cl I, I always like to say interview your ideal clients, don’t interview the people that really aren’t interview more of what you wanna attract into your life and ask them in their own words, why they hired you, what sort of experience they had with you, the results were all of this stuff.

Speaker 1: (12:42)
Okay. This is going to really help you to understand who this person really is. For some reason, when I do this process, I always get like freaking amazing information that I didn’t have before. I thought I understood my ideal client. The ones that I naturally attract in that are a perfect fit for my coaching, but often I have blind spots. And so doing this process and hearing why they hired me in their own words or what attracted them to my business is super important. So a photographer hearing from your favorite clients, why they’re attracted to you, you’ll start to see patterns of, uh, between all your clients. Like I just did this process in November and I was like, wow, I couldn’t believe the amount of similarity between my clients’ words, their, the similarity and the results, the similarity on just why they high me, uh, what they’re looking to get out of life.

Speaker 1: (13:37)
I mean, like they’re all very different women, even from different socioeconomic backgrounds, different businesses. Okay. And they all had very similar things to say, and it really helped me to see too, just like I was really, you know, getting closer and closer and to continue to refine my niche from the out information, you know, using my client’s words. Okay. Using their words, their languaging to further attract in more of my ideal clients that I know I’m gonna really be able to serve and help, and there’s gonna be that synergy between us. So absolutely the two things I really suggest everyone do is, um, and, and to look at their journey and to help them with further attracting in their ideal clients is one to write out like a journal in your journal, your journey and how your clientele has shifted and how you can start to see how that had to do with you further nicheing down.

Speaker 1: (14:30)
So saying no to certain people saying yes to other things, right. Making that choice of who you wanna to bring in. And then the second thing is doing these client interviews. Yes, they can be done with Google forms, but I think they’re so much more powerful on zoom, especially if you record them. Cuz I transcribe transcribe mine. And I actually use the actual words of the client to look for similarities, uh, between them. Because often like as a coach, you know, we’re a few, a few steps ahead of our clients and that’s one of the reasons why we’re being hired, right? We have expertise in stuff. And so we’re not gonna be thinking the same thoughts they’re having. And so getting the exact thoughts of your clients to attract in more of your ideal clients is amazing. It’s super helpful. And it’s good for everybody because it just helps short shortcut.

Speaker 1: (15:19)
I think that client, you know, from finding you, it helps the newer clients find you faster because you are using the same words, the same feelings, emotions they’re having to come work for. You come work with you. And so you can give them the same wonderful results you’re giving your ideal clients right now. So that’s the second thing I find really helpful when trying to better understand your, your niche. I wanna talk about the two biggest mindset things. I hear my clients talking about and I used to have both of these so I can relate about why they don’t wanna niche down to. And the first one I hear from people is I won’t, I won’t like what if it’s the wrong choice? What if I don’t make any money? Right. They’re afraid to go from like accepting everyone in all business to just saying, I only work with these people, right?

Speaker 1: (16:09)
They’re afraid to get off the river. They on the river for a while. They’re making some money on the river, but they’re afraid to like pull off on the river and set up more of a permanent shop to serve a certain community. And what I wanna say to those people is don’t get off the river then. Right? I think you will know when to get off the river. I don’t. I think you absolutely, you can make money doing things generally. You don’t have to be niche down to make money. There’s so many in instances of this and even in my life, as before I became more specific about the clientele I served, when I was doing general life coaching, I was still making money. So you don’t have to get off the river to make money. You can get, you wanna get off the river because you feel energized and excited to get off the river because you’re like, this is where I need to go.

Speaker 1: (16:56)
I’m so wanna do this. Like you’re so lit up about it. That’s how, you know, that’s the right place to go, the right place to niche in. Right? You don’t just like get married to somebody because you’re like, well, I need to do this cuz it’s good for taxes. No, you don’t do that. You decide to get married, get you’re super excited and you’re energized about it and you’re in love and it feels right. Right. I think for me, it’s, it’s the same thing for your nicheing and your business. It’s it is a journey that happens over time and it should feel organic and natural and super exciting. And it’s not just gonna happen in one week. You’re like, oh, I picked my niche. Here we go. No, it’s something that just happens organically over time. So don’t worry about, about that piece of it.

Speaker 1: (17:38)
And then the other thing I hear is that I’m gonna get bored. Right? If I just pick this one thing, it’s gonna be so boring and let’s say, I’m just gonna do business coaching for women, mechanics. Okay. That’s like your niche. I’m just gonna serve women mechanics and I’m gonna help women, mechanics make their business. And boy, it’s just like, I can’t imagine just doing that. I I’m such a bigger person than that. I have so many things going on in my life. Okay. And like, I I’m, I’m more than just that. Right. So coaches kind of freak out thinking like, what if I only coach on this one topic and it’s just not possible to only coach on that one topic, cuz then you’re expecting the other person you’re coaching or your clientele to be one dimensional. Like they only have that one thing going on in them too.

Speaker 1: (18:21)
Right. So you’re freaking out about your life becoming one dimensional because you think somehow there’s one dimensional people out there and there there’s just is not people are multi, multi multidimensional. It doesn’t matter if, you know, for me I’m coaching someone with their spiritual business. I will end up coaching them on every single topic under the sun. Probably not every topic, but we will probably talk about relationships at some point, uh, nervous system and trauma regulation, some point, a lot of business stuff, right? We’re gonna talk about how to set up their business, you know, from everything their business plan, to looking at financial numbers, to, you know, profitable offers to consistent income, we’re gonna be working on all of the math and the statistical stuff. Okay. We’re gonna absolutely be doing that. And we’re gonna be talking probably about man, and we’re gonna be talking about some of this ideal client work and nicheing down and trying to figure out like clearer messaging so they can talk with and attract in their ideal client more naturally that really are already designed.

Speaker 1: (19:22)
Like they’re already meant to work together. So yeah, you do not need to worry about getting bored because just like you, your client is not, you know, they’re not one dimensional, they’re multi, multi, multi, multidimensional, and layered in everything. Right. They might be hiring you to help them with their mechanic business. Right. That’s the reason that they they’re attracted to working with you, but they’re also going to have tons of other things come up and you’re gonna have, get plenty of opportunities to coach them on all the things because um, everything is connected, right? We know this everything’s connected. So many of the problems I see with people’s businesses, well, you know, they’re personal issues, right? They’re all our personal issues, you know, just cuz you’re the manager of a company you’re running your own company doesn’t mean that you aren’t human. And a lot of the ways that I see businesses are held back are based on like is childhood type trauma things or negative situations, adverse situations that happen in that person’s life.

Speaker 1: (20:23)
And they don’t even see them. They just think that’s the way the world is. We all have this stuff. Okay. So I’m not, there’s nothing negative or judgmental about it. There’s actually complete and kindness and tenderness around it. I have for people and kindness and tenderness for myself that I can’t always see my blind spots because I think that’s just the, the blind spot is, you know, you just think that’s the way the world is. And you know, working with a coach helps you, helps you to discover what your blind spots are. So those things aren’t holding your business back anymore, but that’s a totally different topic. today’s topic was just on nicheing. I hope you enjoyed this and you are, um, thinking about kneeing in a whole new way that it doesn’t need to be. So you have to do to make money and that it just happens organic and naturally.

Speaker 1: (21:10)
But I do think it’s important to, um, make a practice of writing down and looking at the results from your business so far. So you can start to see that you are naturally nicheing down and that you’re naturally moving in the direction you wanna have. So you don’t need to worry about nicheing so much. Okay. Shake it off. Have some fun. I hope you enjoyed this, uh, week’s podcast and I will talk to you next week. Bye. Okay. I’m back. I decided to recite a poem today from one of my favorite poets, David White, I just thought it was a great poem for our topic. This week. It’s called all the true vows. All the true vows are secret vows. The ones we speak out loud are the ones we break. There is only one life you can call your own and a thousand others. You can call by any name you want hold to the truth you make every day with your own body. Don’t turn your face away, hold to your own truth. At the center of the image you were born with those who do do not understand their destiny will never understand the friends they have made nor the work they have chosen, nor the one life that waits beyond all the others out of this silence, you can make a promise. It will kill you to break that way. You’ll find what is real and what is not.

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