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On episode 25 of the Wildly Confident Podcast, I am going to share with you one of my favorite TIME management tools – CONSTRAINT.

Do you have something you have been trying to complete for weeks, months, years….

Do you feel overwhelmed and like you never have enough time ?

Are you ready to finally get progress & complete your open projects AND build trust with yourself that you actually do you what you say?? 

Then constraint is the practice for you!!

On this episode you will learn: 

  • How to do the practice of Constraint
  • Reasons why Constraint actually feels like time is expanding
  • Why time management is one of the most important things you can learn to uplevel your life

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It's no secret that my clients love their results...

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Speaker 1: (00:00)
Hey, y’all. This is actually the last podcast episode in this season. One of the wildly confident podcast. Thank you guys so much for being with me through the first 25 episodes. I will be back soon with season two. So hang in there and go back and listen to all the episodes. If you miss them today, we are going to be talking about time management. It is something I do with almost every single one of my clients to help them get the results that they want time truly is the most valuable asset we have. You can’t buy time with money. It’s one of the few things that you can’t trade for something else. And if there’s one thing I know about everyone I’ve ever talked to you about time as that, everyone can agree that you want more time. You want more time in your day and your week and your year in your life.

Speaker 1: (01:04)
The value of time, the value of even having an extra few years on your life. What is that worth to you? I’m going to use the definition for my teacher of what time is, because I think it’s so good. Time is the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past present and future regarded as a whole. It’s a progress. It’s a moving forward, even though there’s a lot of theory on how time and space work, which I’m not going to get into. But the one that we experience right in our brains in this 3d reality we live in is that there is the now and then there’s the future heading to, and there’s the past. So that’s where I work with clients. Most recently I had a client come to me and say, Hey, Catherine, you know what I want. If I had a magic wand, I would want to create more time, but that’s not possible, right?

Speaker 1: (02:04)
That’s the one thing you can’t deliver. And I said, well, you know, time is all about quality. It’s all in the eye of the beholder. And we know this is true because sometimes an hour right in your life feels really fast. A day feels really fast. A week feels really fast. And then other times, right, an hour feels so long, right? And that long hour could be horrible. It could be like you’re miserable. They could also be like super juicy, super present and just an absolutely gorgeous hour in your life. So while I can’t necessarily quantitatively create extra time for you, we can create the experience of having more quality time in your life, quality time to spend with the people you love, doing the things you love and also creating the results that you want in your job with money and relationships, you know, in your career, all of that stuff, right?

Speaker 1: (03:12)
The way that we tend and care for the hours we have in our life is going to directly affect and reflect the quality and experience and enjoyment and depth that we have in our life. So the tool I want to talk to you today, uh, with time is a tool called constraint. And if you’re interested in learning more about time in terms of past present future, and kind of getting into a little bit more of some theory around that checkout, my prior podcast episode called the truth about past present and future it’s episode 21 or episode 18, which is called timeline wealth, how to create a life you love. But today I’m going to be talking about constraint. And often what I see with clients is they have got themselves doing a lot of different things in different baskets, and they’re almost overwhelmed by how many things they have to keep track of.

Speaker 1: (04:17)
And they’re also not focused on the things that are really going to create value and nearly aligned with what they care about. They’ve just spread themselves too thin. And so every experience they’re doing, right, they might be doing 10 different things that their job they’re trying to get 10 different things done in their new business. And every time they’re going to do those 10 different things, the experience really is lacking in depth and lacking in momentum because they’re trying to juggle 10 different balls at the time at a time. And we all know that multitasking is not a great use of our energy. So one thing I help my clients do is I help them learn how to constrain and by constrain, what I mean is that we are just going to focus on one large goal at a time, okay. Not two, not three.

Speaker 1: (05:08)
And that doesn’t mean that we don’t also have two or three smaller things going at the same time, right? But we’re only going to do one large goal at a time that is actually going to help you get that goal done faster and to enjoy the experience, to really be in depth with the goal, to get, really get to know the goal, to really be, to explain band out your experience and time with that goal. And this can be hard guys because there’s so many distractions out there to move us away from just focusing on one single thing. Like just try doing one thing for like an hour and not be tempted to get on your phone or check your email. It can be really hard, right? Especially for friends calling, especially if you’re waiting for something to come in the mail, like we easily get distracted and we lose our or focus.

Speaker 1: (06:04)
And by doing that, we actually end up spending, having to spend more time on the project. We’re trying to get done and losing time on things we want to get done in the future. I don’t like having more than one goal because people get really over WellMed and they don’t make a lot of, um, results in that area. So when I’m working with entrepreneurs that are starting new businesses or new coaches, and they’re like, I need to do Instagram and a podcast and a website, and they have like this huge list of things they need to get done. It’s really hard for them to make progress if they’re trying to do it all at the same time, because their brain ends up getting over WellMed and they don’t make much progress in all the areas. So what I do my clients is we just pick one of them to start and we can start, right.

Speaker 1: (06:57)
We actually, what we end up doing is saying no, pretty much anything else coming up during the time we’ve dedicated to our work schedule. So let’s say we’ve decided that we’re going to be working 30 hours a week on our coaching business or as an entrepreneur. And during those 30 hours, our goal, our first goal is going to be our website. Okay. And then that is all we do. We just work on the website until it’s done. We don’t worry about the Instagram. We don’t worry about the podcast. We don’t get distracted. Okay. By the other things going on. I know this sounds super easy and it’s actually pretty hard for people. If you’ve tried to do this before in your life, you’re going to notice all sorts of thoughts coming up that like, Ooh, I should do this. Or, Ooh, I could do that.

Speaker 1: (07:48)
Or I should just email this person back. And part of constraint and the magic of constraint is the just sheer dedication to just doing the one thing, just being super focused on it and turning off all your notifications on your phone, on your email, right. And just doing this and by just doing this, I promise you it’s like time expands, right? You’re really getting to know what you’re working on. There’s like a certain depth that you get when you’re just focused on one thing on life in life versus being focused on like 10 things, which I feel like people are most of the time, they’re trying to focus on so many different things in their brains like,

Speaker 2: (08:26)
Ah, right. And you

Speaker 1: (08:28)
Kind of, you lose time, seems to shrink, right? We lose the experience of being in the present moment. So the single focus, the constraint is all about bringing you into the present moment to channel all of your energy, all of your manifesting energy into this one project. And you don’t worry about the other projects because you know, you’re going to get those done, right? So often the reason why we’re multitasking is our freaking out about all the projects. And we have to learn to trust ourselves part of working with constraint and just doing one thing at a time and really getting to know that and enjoying that experience and time with that thing is to also trusting ourselves that we’re going to finish this project and that then we’re going to get to the next project and then the next project. And here’s what I’ve seen over and over again, when people do this, they get more done than if they’re trying to multitask with it.

Speaker 1: (09:22)
They get things done that they’ve been trying to get done for like a year, right. They like are able to get it done in a week because they are managing their brain. And so they’re managing their experience with time. They’re taking their experience with time and manifesting in time to a whole new level, because when you’re just focused on manifesting one thing in your life, one business thing in your life with constraint, right? And you say during my 30 hours where I’ve dedicated to work for the week, all I’m going to do is this thing. Okay. You know, subject to, of course, maybe you’re going to spend an hour or two doing administrative stuff. Or if you have clients or however, you know, that stuff is still going to be happening, but the one goal you’re trying to get done, right? The new thing you’re trying to get done is this one thing, and I can tell you, like, when I started this podcast, I had a lot of constraint.

Speaker 1: (10:16)
I’d never done a podcast before. I didn’t know anything about podcasting. And, but I know I’m capable of creating big things. I know I’m capable of creating whatever I want to do if I put my mind to it because I have done this constraint practice over and over and over again in my life. And that’s how I get things done. That’s how I get my big goals done. So I researched it. I recorded, I learned how to edit, right? I created my intro outro. I bought music. I found a hosting site. Like all of these things happened, right? Show notes, captions. There are so many things actually that go into making a podcast. But I had super constraint around learning how to do it. And you guys, it didn’t take me as much time as I thought it would, because that’s all I was practicing doing.

Speaker 1: (11:06)
And then once I knew how to do it right, and I had a few episodes recorded, it was no longer my huge goal. It just became something administrative I do every week based on how I’m feeling or what I’m wanting to record. And often I record three to five episodes in a single day when I’m feeling like I have guide intuitive guidance coming through that, I feel called to share with the community here. It’s not work. Right. The recording of this podcast is not really worked to me. I really enjoy it. I, I pick topics based off of my own guidance I’m getting. And so it’s, it very much flows with what I think the community needs for the week. And that’s really beautiful. And it’s no longer one of my goals anymore. That’s, that’s super easy. I figured it out. Right. And because I’ve done this over and over again, I know I can.

Speaker 1: (12:00)
So here is how you did the constraint process. I want you to pick one big goal. You want to get done this week and maybe it’s going to take longer than a week, but I want you to guess how much time or estimate, how much time it’s going to take. And then I want you to plan for success. I want you to prepare for it. What are there things that you’re going to need in order to succeed? And I like it to block out, like when I’m working on focus time, like typically between 90 minutes to three hours per focus, time segment. So I’m not going to be like focusing for eight hours in a row and not eating or going to the bathroom and moving around. Like we definitely take breaks in between. So look at your calendar and kind of section off blocks of focus time that you think might work for you.

Speaker 1: (12:47)
Again, I do 90 minutes to three hour blocks, but you might say it’s 60 minute blocks. Right? You know how you’re, if you need to take a break every hour, definitely schedule that in. Okay. There’s no problem with taking a break because we want to plan for success here. The other thing that I think is super helpful when you’re preparing for your focus time, when you’re preparing for your constraint time is to complete anything that’s really nagging you. And I’m not trying to say spend eight, eight hours before he ended doing everything. But if there’s like one or two little things nagging, you make sure you plan a half an hour to an hour before your constraint time to get those things done. So you’re not constantly thinking about them. The other thing I always recommend is that you close your email down, you close your WhatsApp, your you turn your cell phone off on silent.

Speaker 1: (13:37)
Other than like, if you have, um, kids or something like that. And you want to, you know, like, let’s say the school calls or something that you set out to a different ringtone. So that would actually ring and not go silent. You can set that stuff up on your phone. And so the only time you’re going to get a phone call is like, if it’s your kid’s school calling, or if it’s someone else important in your life, you got to get the phone call. You can still set that up. Okay. That’s not an excuse, not to turn off your notifications on your phone. I read once that, um, people get distracted pretty much every 40 seconds when they’re on their computer. So just imagine how much that standing in your way from kidding things done from getting big goals done and how much you’re actually going to be able to achieve.

Speaker 1: (14:23)
When you turn off all those notifications, when you don’t, then you decide not to get distracted by things on your desktop or by your email. When you make a choice that you are going to really engage with one thing in the present moment, and you’re at a love on that thing, and you’re going to learn that thing. And you’re just going to expand time to really start manifesting and calling in this big result you want in your life. It feels so good. You guys like there is a certain juiciness and fun-ness, and it feels absolutely amazing too, when you’re, when you’re at the end and you get the result and then you get the proof that you can do it, right? And the more times that you do this, the more you trust yourself to complete the things you say you’re going to do. And with every time that you’re doing that, you’re able to typically create bigger and bigger goals, bigger and bigger results.

Speaker 1: (15:17)
And this is how you do. You build right big dreams, big visions, right? It’s one step at a time. It’s making sure you’re constraining your, your goals, right? It’s doing the constraint process over and over and over again till you make the money you want to be making in your life until you build the business you want to have in your life. So please try out this practice of constraint just for one big goal one week and see how much more you get done and how great that feels. You’re going to accomplish so much more in life and just have such a more enjoyable experience with the time you have by learning how to focus your brain on one thing at a time. So thank you guys so much for listening to the last 25 episodes of this podcast. It has been an absolute treat to be here and to do this and get guidance to do these podcasts, and I will be back. So please, everyone managed your time, manage your time. It affects every single thing in your life, right? When we’re managing our time or managing our brains or managing our results, we’re getting our dreams. We’re getting the results we want in our life. It’s so powerful. The more you start doing it, the more you’re going to be able to experiencing those results in your life. And the more you can believe, you know, anything is possible for you. So thank you again. So grateful, so grateful for you. And, uh, I will be talking to you soon.

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