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On episode 24 of the Wildly Confident Podcast, I am going to share with how to use Tarot cards in a way you’ve probably never heard of – so get ready. 

I am also going to share some of the controversial history of Tarot and why the images, number and symbols used in the cards help us tap into our subconscious mind and beliefs about the world and what we are capable of. 

On this episode you will learn: 

  • If the Tarot can tell your future
  • How to use the Tarot to make decisions
  • What Tarot cards mean

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Speaker 1: (00:00)
Super excited. You’re here. I am going to be talking about something a little unusual today. For me, I’m going to be chatting about tarot cards. Tarot cards are something I got into about three or four years ago. It was the first time I ever used them. And I have just found them to be a great ways to find out more about our own brains. Okay. Because I don’t think the cards tell the future. I think they show you possibilities based on where you are in this moment, based on the lens of your life, based on how you see the world, it shows you a possibility of manifestation and you can always change that. Right? So I love the cards because they really help me see my mind. They help me see how I’m manifesting things into my life. And I’ll explain that more towards the end of the podcast and how you can use the cards.

Speaker 1: (01:03)
But first, I actually wanted to share with everybody a little bit of the maybe unconventional history of tarot cards, some of the stuff I’m going to be sharing with you are things that I have read about tarot cards, things that I possibly believe about tarot cards. Um, if you go and look this stuff up online, there’s a variety of sources. Some people say, no, that’s not true. Other people say it’s true. So you decide for yourself what you want to believe. And I’m just going to share you some share with you. Some of the things that I have, uh, learned about tarot cards and that I personally believe about them that are serving me. And I think you’ll have fun with it. Cause there’s, they’re really very interesting, interesting, uh, tool to use and helping you kind of understand what’s going on in your subconscious, what your beliefs are, especially if you’re doing it with somebody else and you can, um, here, you know, now you can have your interpretation of the cards and if, and then also hear the other person’s interpretation of the same cards, because they’re guys, they’re going to be different because they’re, you guys are each seeing it through your own lens.

Speaker 1: (02:09)
And that’s super important because it is through your lens that you manifest things into your life life. When I say lens, I mean, the way you view the world, the way that you believe the world is set up. We often think that the way that

Speaker 2: (02:24)
We see the world, the way that we believe the world

Speaker 1: (02:27)
Is right. I sometimes call it the manual, all the rules that we think the world is governed by. Like for example, you know, one of my clients might have a rule that men should always open up the doors for women. And another one of my clients is going to have a rule in there, mention and do that. Right? But each one of those clients are going to think like that’s the way the world should be. And I think when you’re tarot cards and you’re looking at the possibilities in the images, it always gets run through the way, think the world should be. And it is through that, that you can start to see some of the things that are holding you back, some of your limiting beliefs and how to start to work through that. So it’s a great, it’s an amazing tool to show you again, your mind, your mind, right?

Speaker 1: (03:17)
And your mind is different than everyone else’s mind. Amazing. Right? And that is why you have your, we all have our own journeys. We all have our own journeys and why I just love doing one-on-one or group coaching with people because I get to help people on that individual level with their brain, because we all have different things, holding us back. We’re all unique. That’s what makes this planet like beautiful. That’s why not one solution works for everybody, right? We all have to make our own paths and journeys for what’s high in our highest good and everyone’s journey is going to look a little bit different. So back to tarot cards, it’s believed that the original tarot cards were Unbound books of picture cards have evolved in the east to teach mystical doctrines to those who couldn’t read. There’s even some who speculate that they might be a lost copy of the Egyptian book of the dead or some other ancient mystical teaching.

Speaker 1: (04:21)
The tarot really speaks to the language of symbols, the language of the unconscious, when approached in the right manner, the ideas that those symbols, those images can open doors to the hidden reaches of the soul images on the tarot suggests very female centered, natural cyclical, doctrines of reincarnation. If you know, like a traditional tarot deck, there are 56 minor Arcana cards and 21 major Arcana. And the 21 major Arcana is, have been said to be the 21 forms of Tara or the 21 forms of the goddess. And if you look at those images and you lay them out from basically the fool to the world, it’s supposed to be a balance between yin and yang energy. So male and female energies, the underlying principle is that shuffling the cards together is also like mixing the yin and yang energies of the world, right? Because we all have yin and yang energies in us.

Speaker 1: (05:38)
And I think one of the challenges we have here on earth is to find a balance of those energies. And it also has to do with mixing the elements, if you know about the minor Arcana cards, which are the 56 cards that in my belief actually is what created the regular playing deck decks that we use now. And I’m going to go a little bit more into this because we all know are playing decks now. And I think now when I play with our plane decks, I always think of tarot cards. So I think it’s kind of fun. I mean, some people say playing decks came before Turo invite and you know, it, I guess it doesn’t really matter which one came first, but since we probably play with playing ducks a lot more than tarot cards, it is kind of fun. When you think about playing decks to understand how they’re linked.

Speaker 1: (06:27)
Um, so the, the four suits in, uh, playing decks coordinate with the four suits in Toronto. So, and also with, uh, fo the four elements. So the hearts are actually in trove, they’re the cups and they symbolize water energy. And you’ll notice that they’re red, which is the female yin energy. Um, that comes really from that concept of menstrual blood and women being creators of life and the clubs okay. Is a black card, right? Traditionally. And, um, that’s a masculine yang energy, the black and into row. That’s going to be ones which is also the energy of wood and fire. Then we have diamonds, which is also a feminine energy, and those are red again. And it’s the yen energy it’s Pentacles into row, and it’s an earth energy. And then you have spades, which is also again, a masculine energy, a yang energy and into row that shows up as swords.

Speaker 1: (07:44)
And it is an air energy. So in Toronto, the energies are watching wood slash fire earth and air. And when you mix the cards together, okay, and you’re going to pull cards to answer a question for yourself, you’re mixing together those, those elements in nature. And you’re also mixing together the yin and the gang energy. The only major Arcana card that still exists in the playing deck is the fool. And the other interesting tidbit. I think about the similarities between playing guard, playing ducks and to Turo is that if you’ve ever noticed, there’s an oversized ACE of spades, which is known in Toronto as the symbolically, as the sword of the father of heaven, it’s also called the card of death. One other cool thing I want to share with you about the tarot cards is that there are 56 cards and the minor Arcana.

Speaker 1: (08:46)
And that number is a very symbolic number around the world. That just happens to be the same number of posts or stones representing steps in time and circled old temples of astrological calculation like Stonehenge. There are 56 years in a sacred great year when lunar and solar cycles coincided. When Buddha was born, he took his first 56 steps and each of the four Cardinal directions, seven forward and sovereign back each way, signifying the 14 waxing and waning days of the moon and lunar week weeks, like the 14 steps of the heavenly ladder of oh, Cyrus. There’s a lot of numbers into row and images into row that show up over and over again, and cultures around the world. And the last little tidbit about Touro that I find really interesting is the total number of cards and it’s row packer, 78, which is the sum of all the numbers of the signs of the Zodiac added together.

Speaker 1: (09:55)
And so that’s one plus two plus three plus four plus five plus six plus 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. All of those added up together equals 78, which is the total amount of cards in a tarot deck. There’s just a lot of magical numbers going out to row. And I think the images really do speak to the subconscious and speak to archetypes and speak to a lot of things that are just under the surface in a lot of our brains. And it helps us open us up to, again, our own subconscious mind, which, you know, we might not be so familiar with, right. We’re often like, you know, we know what’s going on our conscious mind, but so often we’re not aware of how, you know, we have limiting beliefs or how we’re holding ourselves back. And I think the cards can help you start to know yourself better.

Speaker 1: (10:46)
So here’s how I like to use the cards with clients. Sometimes if a client comes and sees me, um, I always have a huge amount of things to work on with them, but if they don’t really know what they want to work on, sometimes I will have them pull a little literal tarot card at my office, or I’ll pull one. If we’re on zoom with them, for them. And I ask them what they think it means by looking at the image. I do not think the cards have any inherent, predetermined meaning. Okay. I know you get the little books from

Speaker 3: (11:22)
Them and I know that you can read, get a book and you can

Speaker 1: (11:25)
Read through it and someone will tell you what they think they mean. And that’s okay if you want to do that, that’s your thing. But I personally think they don’t have any inherent predetermined meaning. I think you get to decide what they mean, and you get to decide what they mean by looking at the card and running

Speaker 3: (11:48)
It through your lens, how you see the word world and what that card means to you.

Speaker 1: (11:54)
And by doing that, we start to get a better understanding of where you are right now, what a possibility could be and whether or not you want that possibility to happen or not, and kind of how to move forward around it. So let’s say you’re considering quitting your job. Okay. And we pull a tarot card and you get the star and you look at it and you see that there’s so many possibilities in the world that there’s hundreds of stars. And like, you know, one of them is going to be your opportunity. And so you’re feeling very jazzed about that and very jazzed about making a strategic, actionable, realistic plan to do that. Okay. Another person might have that same question. They might pull the star card. Okay. And they might see it as a bad omen. They might see it as they’re off, like in a daydream, stuck in the water, can’t make up their mind.

Speaker 1: (12:50)
There’s too many options. Right. They might be confused. Right. And that’s perfect. That’s right where that client is. And then I work with them on getting clarity on their confusions. They can figure out, again, something strategic, something that is financially stable for them to move to where they want to go and understanding that they’re there also, there’s some confusion around it for them, again, it’s the same card, same question, but different people are going to have different ways of interpreting the cards. And that’s why I don’t like using the predetermined meanings when I’m working with people because every person has their own opinion about it. Honestly, like there’s so many books written about it and I don’t think any, which one’s right. You always know what’s right for you. And by you looking at the card and sharing, what’s coming up for you, we’re getting a little sneak peek into what’s holding you back or how we can best support you.

Speaker 1: (13:40)
And again, the cards do not predict the future guys. They just suggest possibilities. They just suggest options. And we see, and we use them the play around with those options and see if there’s something holding you back there or how best to support you on your journey moving forward. So I hope you enjoyed this episode on Turo. You know, if you’re interested in learning more, go, go to pterodactyl the really fun and do this practice I’m talking about, right. Again, it’s just a way to get to know your brain a little bit better. And I do think the images do have a lot of symbolism in them and they’re just really beautiful. So I hope you have fun with this practice and have a great week.

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