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In episode 21 of the Wildly Confident Podcast, we are going to be talking about the past, present & future and how to utilize all three states to get more of what you want in your life.

Do you often get caught ruminating in PAST thoughts? 

Or worry and stress about the FUTURE? 

It’s just the way the human brain is sometimes BUT we can utilize and harness the power of the past & future in the PRESENT moment to add more happiness, joy and peace to your life NOW.

On this episode you will learn: 

  • How thinking about your past serves you.
  • How to best use future & manifest thinking.
  •  A new spin on all benefits of the present moment.
  • How to get more into the present moment every day w/o meditating.
  • How to start tapping into your wild (internal) confidence

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Hi, I'm Kathrine. I'm a certified Life Coach, Creatrix of my own Multi Million $ Biz, Intersectional Feminist, & Mama to 3 little people. I'm like a combo of a top business strategist, manifesting maven and a No-BS best friend who will call you out and get you back on track to your ideal life.

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Speaker 1: (00:02)
Welcome to the wildly confident podcast, where we discuss all the ways to help you get more confident, make more money and get the results you want in your life. Stat. I’m Kathrine Weissner, your host. I’m a certified life coach to the life coach school and the creatrix of my own multimillion dollar business. Hey goddesses. So glad you’re here.

Speaker 2: (00:25)
You’re spending 10 minutes or so upleveling your life. I’m going to be talking about the present moment and putting a little bit of a new spin on it. I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about it in the last 10, 15 years of your life. As meditation has become a very popular practice to try to get you more into the present moment. What is my definition of the present moment? It is this moment here. Now this moment. Now this moment it is being completely focused in this moment, right? It’s connecting with the environment around you. It’s not thinking about the past and it’s not thinking about the future. I think that’s the best way to be in the present moment. Okay. You know, you’re there because you’re not in the past or the future. Meditation is one practice that has been come very common along with mindfulness to help people start to practice being more in the present moment, because guys, there are so many fricking benefits to being in the present moment.

Speaker 2: (01:19)
I can’t stand it. Okay. So yes, you can meditate. You can walk, you can do art. You could just focus on something you really like doing, right. You don’t have to get into the present moment via meditation. If you don’t like meditating, screw it. Don’t do it right. There’s plenty of ways of getting into this present moment. It’s tuning into your emotions. It’s listening to birds. It’s looking at a tree. It’s smelling air. It’s feeling your clothing. It’s just listening to the sounds around you, right? Getting into the present moment. It doesn’t have to be hard and we can sustain being in the present moment for long periods of our time of our life and of, of time each day. I want to first talk about the past and the future really quick, because I definitely think they’re important too. I think the past shows up in our memories for two reasons.

Speaker 2: (02:14)
One is to remind us of the present moment. So, and how important it is and how, what people say the present moment is a gift, right? This moment today is a gift. Every moment you have alive is a gift. It’s a chance to be grateful. It’s to chant. It’s just a chance to remind yourself that this is all you have. And when you’re in, then that is where expansiveness comes from. When you’re in the present moment, it’s like time slows down. It’s like a way of living a longer life. I think, you know, sometimes we feel like, especially if you have kids or just anything, I mean, we kind of feel like time flies, right? Like, oh my gosh, another year passed by or can’t believe my kid’s already 10 years old. Right? We get all emotional about it. And time just flies by. And one of the huge fringe benefits to being in the present moment, time actually slows down and you get such a richer experience of time and your life when you’re in the present moment.

Speaker 2: (03:07)
The other reason I think we think about the past is because of things that need to be healed and us people have sad stories, things, they regret things they feel shame about and that stuff, it’s like a heavy bag of rocks. You carry around with you because you’re carrying so much weight. It’s going to keep coming up in your mind and body. And so, you know what? That’s great. You know, be grateful that there’s a way of it, you know, kind of manifesting like you’re like, oh, I keep thinking about the same horrible thing over and over again. Great in the present moment is the only place you can heal it, right? You can’t go back in time and change anything. So we had to come into this moment to find a way to heal it so you can let it go. So you can come into this moment and you can ask, what does that part of you need in order to let this go on.

Speaker 2: (03:54)
Often it’s compassion, kindness, and love and forgiveness for yourself for recognizing you are only human. You did the very best you could in that moment, right? You, you couldn’t done any, any better. And I can say this because that’s what you did, right? You didn’t go, you didn’t like purposely say I’m going to screw up my life. No one does that. Okay. You might in hindsight think that about yourself, but it’s simply not true. And that moment with all the tools you had around you, that was the best that you could do in that moment. No problem. And now in this moment, the best thing you can actually do is to forgive yourself because the longer that you feel guilty about it or shame about it, actually, the more that you’re going to be possibly repeating it because you put it in the shadow. So by owning that part of yourself in loving on it, you got a chance to release it and grow from it.

Speaker 2: (04:43)
And yeah, by taking full responsibility for what happened, then you also have a choice to make a different decision. If it comes up again, oh my gosh, I’ve got goosebumps the past. And you know, spending some time in the past is a beautiful place to be. But we spend that time in the present, like in the present moment, connecting with the past both to remind us that the present is all we have and all those beautiful moments are happening. Now, treasure our children. Why we’re with them, treasure our partner, why they’re alive treasure this day, while you’re alive, treasure this breath while you have it. I think the future shows up just to help us. I mean, honestly, I think it’s inspiring. I think it’s beautiful. It helps us realize that we manifest. We have all sorts of powers to manifest what we want in our life.

Speaker 2: (05:25)
But I also say, when we think about the future with people and we manifest anything, we hold it very lightly because we are not really equipped to be able to manifest all the things in our life that we’re capable of. And I say that like, I think our brains can only go 10 to 30% beyond, um, what we’re currently capable of right now. And in terms of manifesting something in the universe often has a way bigger plan for us, like a hundred percent of what we have right now. Right? And if we hold it too closely, we end up manifesting something a lot smaller than what we could be capable of. If we’re living into the present moment, which is moving as out of a retracted, you know, view a retracted lens into an expansive lens of the entire connection with the entire universe, we move into the present moment.

Speaker 2: (06:17)
We connected with everything and what we’re capable of manifesting becomes so much fricking larger. So when I do manifesting practices with people, we always ask for what they want, right. We say like, oh, I really want this partner with these qualities. Right. And I always add to the end or something even better, right? Because often we are just not even capable of figuring out what the better is. So, but it’s only in this present moment, again, that we get to manifest. We get to have the conversation with the universe of what we’re looking to have and we get the universe to chat back with us. Another reason I absolutely love the present moment is because detaching rate from the past and the future allows me so much more freedom. The present moment gives me so much freedom for those of you desiring more, the feeling of freedom in your life is located in the present moment.

Speaker 2: (07:15)
Okay? Because you are detaching from the control and the shame that you have the control of the future, the shame of the past, right? We detach from that. And we enter into this moment. It’s moment to moment awareness and authenticity of who we are, knowing that we’re going. We can change at any given moment. We are not stuck being who we are. Isn’t that beautiful. I just love it. And by detaching from the past and the future, it, we enter into a state of intimacy with the world around us. That’s where true intimacy lies. And I know everyone wants more intimacy in their life. Intimacy is that closeness that love that connectedness, that oneness, right? That we are all craving that trust. And when you enter into the present moment, when you stop trying to control things, or you’re in a place of shame or blame around yourself, when you just enter into the present moment, just who you are, right?

Speaker 2: (08:19)
Owning your wholeness, owning exactly who you are in that moment, right? That authenticity of who you are, you get so much intimacy with the world around you. You get intimate with the candle. You can intimate with the lady bug. Like I had a lady bug land on me earlier today and I thought it was the most divine thing in the world. If I wasn’t paying attention in the present moment, I wouldn’t have appreciated that. And just sitting there and watching it crawl on my arm and feel it crawl around. I was like, ah, this is what being alive is all about. And in that moment, it didn’t matter what my past was. It didn’t matter what my future was. I was just super intimate with the world around me. And I felt so held so loved, right? I felt that deep peace within me. When you go into the present moment, it is deep peace.

Speaker 2: (09:12)
You will feel because you will begin to realize again, that you were connected to everything around you. You were never alone. You were part of something so big, so beautiful. And you get to feel that by coming into this present moment, the present moment just has this beautiful type of kindness to it because it doesn’t actually allow you to know too much about the future. I think sometimes if we, if we knew our entire future, we wouldn’t want to do it. There’d be things we’d say no to, even though they were required for our growth, they were required to get to point Z. They were required as part of the journey. But if we knew they were coming, they would create so much fear and anxiety. Right. This is why we can’t know the future. We can try to plan for the future. Right? So many people try to plan for the future, right?

Speaker 2: (10:04)
I bet you do all the time. And how often do your plans turn out to be completely accurate? Never, right. They might be a little close, but most of the time you can never guess what the future has in store for you. You can kind of guess, but it never turns out perfectly, right? Because the universe always has a kind of like a better plan for you. And that is the kindness and the benevolence of getting intimate with the present moment, because you just get to be here. You’re not worrying all the time and having anxiety about the future and what’s going to happen, right? Because you can’t really control it anyway, you can do some things to prepare, but it’s bad. Things are gonna happen. Good things are gonna happen. And sometimes the things that were bad end up being good and good ended up being bad, right?

Speaker 2: (10:48)
In hindsight. So often our judgment, even at the time, isn’t that accurate. So if we’re just present with it, we don’t have to cat catastrophize a byte about it. We can tap into our emotions more. It’s only in the present moment that we can also get to know our emotions. People we can get the guidance, the amazing guidance that lives in our bodies for moment to moment that is here to help us on our journey. Oh my gosh. You know, if you feel disconnected from your emotions, if you sometimes don’t know what to do next, get more into the present moment and you can get into the present moment. Yeah. Through meditating. I think the easiest, easiest way is just by checking in with your emotions. How do I feel right now? Hmm. Yeah. Right now in this moment, my heart’s beating a little fast. My breath is nice and slow. I feel my body sitting on this chair, I smelled this beautiful geranium and ylang-ylang candle burning.

Speaker 3: (11:52)

Speaker 2: (11:52)
This moment, right? When you come into this moment, so expansive, right? Just noticing the things around you, tapping into your five senses, seeing how you’re feeling that is going to be the fastest way to get you into the present moment. There is a beautiful Cohen, which is like a Zen Buddhist riddle that I use to get into the present moment. All the time. I use nature all the time because being in the present is to recognize you’re connected to everything and that whatever identities you’re holding up in your brain, you can let those go. You don’t have to hold yourself to a bunch of identities from the past. And every single moment, we have the possibility of recreating ourselves over and over and over again. Gosh, what a beautiful place we live in. But here is that here’s Hudson, a riddle for you. It is a bird calls out, announcing the difference between heaven and hell. So the answer to the riddle is if you hear the bird you are in the present moment and you were in heaven. If you don’t hear the bird, then you’re stuck in your thoughts about the past or the future. Right.

Speaker 2: (13:00)
And you were in hell. So I always use birds to connect back into the present moment. Are you sounds a lot. So anytime I’m noticing like, oh my brain’s totally runaway train worrying about some like weird catastrophe in the future. Or I’m like in the past, like shaming myself about something I’m like, woof, where are the birds? Right. You can also like hit a gong. You could look at a candle for a while, right? We just want to get into this moment and get ourselves out of totally freaking out. And it’s in the present moment, we provide ourselves the space, right? The space between what we’re worrying about, either in the future, in the past, in order to get guidance about what our next step should be. Because from that place, when you’re in the present, you can then respond and not react. And you can recognize, you always have a choice about what you want to do when we’re stuck in the past, like kind of shame or in the future anxiety, we react a lot.

Speaker 2: (14:01)
And, um, instead of we react without really thinking too much, instead of responding from choice and empowerment. So being in the present moment also has this great, great way of being able to be in choice, being in more empowerment, because we give ourselves some space to detach from the stories in our head. So we can make a choice. That’s going to feel right to us based on our emotions in the present moment, the present moment isn’t about, you know, being enlightened or anything. I have a great poem. I’m going to end this podcast on. I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about all the benefits to the present moment. And if you’re curious about learning more ways to tap into the present moment and how to work with your past and future thoughts going on in your head book, a free consult call with me. I am meditating expert.

Speaker 2: (14:52)
I’ve been trained in a number of meditation forms, but frankly, I find a lot of people are not into meditation that much, they struggle with it. And I have a lot of other practices that I do that are way more fun, right? That you’re going to be excited about. That will help you get into the present moment. All the fringe benefits that already kind of listed through here. But you know, you’re gonna have increased intimacy with the world around you. You’re going to feel connected to the world. You’re gonna feel safer. You’re going to be able to be in that present moment to figure out how to heal the shame and pain from your past. You’re going to be able to get direction on how to manifest the things into your future via your emotions. Right? Cause you’re gonna be able to tell what the next steps are like.

Speaker 2: (15:30)
That feels good. That doesn’t feel good. What feels good? I’m going to keep doing right. Like I’m going to keep following the things I’m excited about that bring me joy. And that’s just going to bring more excitement and joy. And it’s going to bring you down the path. That’s going to be able to help you get like engage the world with your gifts for your highest good. It’s also in the present moment that we get to have the most empowerment and choice because we give ourselves space to respond. Not just react out of shame, fear out of anxiety. Okay. We give ourselves like space, like a river in between our thoughts and ourself, our higher self to be able to make a choice that’s going to serve us.

Speaker 1: (17:07)
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