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In episode 20 of the Wildly Confident Podcast, I am going to share with you how to get your Big Dream, Goal, Result started & how to keep it going until you get to the finish line.

Do you have a dream, a new business idea, a relationships you want to start or change or something else BIG you want in your life? 

Not sure where to start or have you started but are stuck and have made no progress in a while. 

No problem – learn my method I do with clients to help them make their dreams a reality. 

 On this episode you will learn: 

  • Why you might be stuck right now.
  • How to get unstuck and consistently move towards your dream.
  • My method to help clients turn dreams and big goals into reality. 

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It's no secret that my clients love their results...

It's no secret that my clients love their results...

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Welcome Home Goddess

Hi, I'm Kathrine. I'm a certified Life Coach, Creatrix of my own Multi Million $ Biz, Intersectional Feminist, & Mama to 3 little people. I'm like a combo of a top business strategist, manifesting maven and a No-BS best friend who will call you out and get you back on track to your ideal life.

I've had wild success in all areas of my life and I can't wait to share with your my mindset & manifesting secrets.

We will also make strategic, actionable plans with accountability to help you get what you want...and....we move all those crappy emotions, traumas & limiting patterns out of your body & psyche so you can get the confidence & results that are waiting for you!

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Speaker 1: (00:02)
Welcome to the wildly confident podcast, where we discuss all the ways to help you get more confident, make more money and get the results you want in your life span. I’m Kathrine Weissner your host. I am a certified life coach and a life coach and the creatrix of my own multimillion dollar business. Hey goddesses.

Speaker 2: (00:24)
Welcome to the podcast. Whew, 10 to 15 minutes to Uplevel your life. So excited. You’re here. If you listened to the podcast last week on trust, you know, I am talking about how to complete a project in your life, how to get a result in your life. It could be, you want that new relationship. You want to start a new business. You want to get that, raise all of these things. I am going to talk you through the process I do with people, and I’m going to be referencing some of the podcasts last week on self-trust. I still recommend if you didn’t listen to it, to go back and listen to it when we’re done with those podcasts, because I’m just going to be bringing up some small pieces from it here. So let’s go ahead and pick out the goal of starting a business.

Speaker 2: (01:16)
And this is one of the top things I work on with clients, but you can switch out this process for anything in your life. So why don’t you go ahead and pick out something you’re working on right now, but you got to make a commitment to yourself. You need to take responsibility for yourself. You were not a child anymore. And I know you’re going to say to me, but Catherine, of course I’m not. I’m XYZ old and yes, right? But so many people I meet who are not getting the results they want in their life. They have limiting beliefs. And a lot of those limiting beliefs came from their childhood or in their subconscious. And so they end up kind of going back to a childhood like default, I call it the archetype or the shadow of the child, where they are not taking full responsibility and ownership for their life.

Speaker 2: (02:08)
They’re living in a disempowered state and maybe just this one area. So it’s not usually all areas in life. It’s just a few areas where I see this child archetype show up and it’s just in the areas. People are stuck or having problems manifest what they want in their life. So the way that the child comes out of the shadow is by taking their power back, being like I am equal to everybody else. No one is on a pedestal. No, one’s better than me. I am completely a hundred percent capable and creative of getting results in my life. And I’m going to take full responsibility for that. There’s no one I’m going to blame anymore for not getting what I want. Okay. You don’t even need to blame yourself, right? Because that just puts you into shame. Okay? What we do is we just own, whatever comes up and we love it with compassion.

Speaker 2: (02:57)
And we ask ourselves from awareness, right? From the present moment, what we want to do next. Okay. How we want to change what we want to do in the next step. So let me tell you about plans. So many of us, when people come see me to get coached, right? They want a certain result that they can’t get in their life. And I, that is what I’m here to help people do. The entire focus of my coaching with people is to get help people get the result they want to in their lives. And we stay very focused and very result driven. But there isn’t a roadmap for this. So this I’m not going to be able to tell you exactly what you need to do from a to B to C, to D. But I can tell you the process I use with people so you can try it out for yourself.

Speaker 2: (03:49)
Okay? So again, let’s say this person wants to start a business. And you know, we, we talk through all the reasons why they want to have this business and it could be, you know, they want, you know, at the end of the day, they see themselves quitting their job, having this business, that’s going to completely sustain them and they’re going to be super happy and life’s going to be great. And they’re going to have monies. They’re going to be financially secure and all of that while it matters. Right. All of that matters. That’s what I call point Z. Cause we’re always starting at point a and we’re trying to get to point Z. That’s kind of the end of this particular journey. And often we have many journeys going on at the same time. And as soon as we end the journey, another journey begins.

Speaker 2: (04:32)
That’s what they called the onion. Right. We go through different layers of our life. So you’re trying to get to that point Z, you want that? And most of the time, people can not frickin wait to get dizzy. Right. All they want to do. They come to me and they’re like, I want to get to Z now, like in the first session, like, why aren’t we at Z second session? Why aren’t we at sea? Like why, what are you going to tell me the secret sauce to get dizzy? Right? You’ve done it. Like you clearly have a lot of success in your life. I want that to Katherine. I want all the external things that you have, all of these things. And then, and yeah, I have like people what I end up explaining to the client and what I’m gonna explain to you right now is you don’t really want the external things at Z.

Speaker 2: (05:12)
What you want is the feeling that you’re going to have when you get to Z, I’m going to repeat that again. It’s not all the external accolades and signs of success, the money, the, you know, um, the success, the celebritiness, whatever it is. It is not those things. It is the feeling that you are going to get at the end of the day that you want. And that feeling actually doesn’t come from those external things. Okay. If it was just about the money, you, you can make money fast, guys. You might not like how you have to make it, but you can get it. Okay. Right. It’s not about the money. It’s about how you get the money, right? It’s the how and how you’re going to feel. Why getting it, that makes the journey worth it. Right? So it’s not about the destination. It’s about the journey.

Speaker 2: (06:10)
I know you’ve heard that before and I’m just going to keep putting a new spin on it because life is nothing but one giant fabulous, celebratory, sad, emotional, messy, beautiful journey. And every time we set up a result for ourselves, the way we get that result is through the journey. If you fast forward from a to Z, some people call that bypass, spiritual bypass, whatever you want to call it, but you are not going to get the feeling that you want. You’re just going to have the money. And I’m gonna tell you right now, that’s not going to make you feel better at all. You might think it’s going to, I just, I I’ve seen. So like, you know, there’s just, there’s a studies that say like, if you don’t make, if you make over $80,000 or something like making extra money, doesn’t make you any happier.

Speaker 2: (06:58)
I know plenty of people with lots of money that are completely unhappy. Okay. Usually what people want when they want to start their own business, they want to feel the feeling of freedom. They want to feel safe, right? They want to feel secure, especially financially. They want to know that their needs are being met. Right? These are just all feelings. And you think that money’s definitely going to give out to you. And I can just tell you, I’ve seen it time and time again. It just does not. If you have the same mindset you had at point a and you skipped a point Z, you’re going to think whatever you got at Z is not enough if you’re doing your business, because you want to prove that like you’re worthy. That you’re enough. That you’re confident that you’re successful. Right? And you skip all the steps from step B to Y you are not going to get the result at all that you want at the end.

Speaker 2: (07:48)
Yeah. Externally other people might like, think that you’re that way. But internally you’re going to feel empty and like a hungry ghost looking around, looking for external accolades still. So it’s never about the external things. External things will come though. Okay. You do the steps on the journey, external things come, they just come it just part of the process. Right. And you don’t need to worry too much about that. You just gotta keep doing the steps from a, B, C, D. Okay. So let’s go back to starting a business. You don’t know how to start a business. Maybe you’ve never done it before. You’ve been thinking about doing this for years. You have a really great idea. You talk about it all the time. You have notes about it. Um, maybe even bottled domain, right? You started a little Pinterest or Instagram account or something, but you haven’t done anything else from there.

Speaker 2: (08:42)
You’re kind of stuck and you don’t know what to do next. Okay. And if it’s something new like this, that, you know, again, that you’ve never done before, and you don’t know what the next step is, and you’re kind of frozen a next step is to talk to other people who have done what you’ve done, what you want to do. Excuse me. And other people like you can watch videos on, on YouTube. You can watch like, look at people on Instagram. Who’ve done it. But so many of, of at least the things I see in Instagram, they don’t read completely authentic to me. I intuitively know that some of these people are faking it. And so just be careful to check in with your authenticity meter, to see if people are like the people that you’re trying to emulate or figure out what they did.

Speaker 2: (09:29)
Probably maybe like did the spiritual bypass and skip to Z. And it’s not really that they have found a place of peace yet. Um, or they’ve found the security and the safety or the success or the competence or the lovability or whatever it is that you’re looking to feel at the end of the day when you’re done and you get this result. Okay. That’s what I think it’s, it’s the best one. You can meet with someone in person that you know, that already has this result and just pick their brain, find out what they did. You can also look at statistics, right? Statistically, what is the thing that might work the best when you’re starting out a business? You know, just all the base, the business basics from setting up your LLC or, um, getting your checking account to how to market your product. You can look at best standards and what’s statistically works.

Speaker 2: (10:18)
And then you can just pick that for your step a okay. And it’s not till you’re in step a that you’re going to know step B, this drives people crazy. They want to know like this roadmap on how to get dizzy. And the roadmap is not the same for anybody. It’s just not. If I had a roadmap to give, to give you, I’d be lying. If anyone, I feel like any, if anyone’s trying to sell you a roadmap, I would seriously question it because that’s their roadmap. Right? And then as soon as you think that their roadmap is accurate, you’re giving your power away. You’re thinking they’re like a guru. They have the answers. When all of the answers for your journey, your healing for you to feel at the end of the day, when you get to Z, that whatever it is, you’re looking to feel, right, whatever it is you’re looking to have at the end, in order for you to feel that you have to go inside and you need to ask yourself what you do, what you need to do.

Speaker 2: (11:12)
So you interview people, you find out how they did it. You make a list and you see, Hmm, what’s my next step here. That feels right to me. You go inside, you trust your own guidance. And then you just do that. You do that thing, right? And sometimes you just have to wait there in that step for awhile before you get guidance for the next step. But once you start that next step guys, once you start the conversation with the universe, this is what manifesting is. So many people are like, I want this, I want this for manifesting. Right? They’re trying to get lottery tickets and like make a million dollars. And you know, I just gotta believe it. I gotta be positive. And that is not manifesting. Doesn’t work unless you take action. Okay. And your physical action comes from your thoughts. So you have the thoughts and what you want to do.

Speaker 2: (12:00)
Then you take the action into the universe. So the universe can respond, right? For every action. There’s an equal and opposite reaction. You will get a reaction back from the universe. And if you’re paying attention and you’re trusting yourself and you’re listening to yourself, you will be able to identify that guidance. Usually through emotions. I think emotions are the best way to get guidance, period. Um, internal guidance, because our thoughts so often, um, are coming from our subconscious. We don’t recognize when they’re happening, but we’ll feel the emotion from our thoughts. And that’s how, like, I think if you’re excited about something, if you’re joyous about it, if you’re passionate about it, that’s the step. See if something feels really crappy, if you’re bogged down by it, if you hate doing it, like that is a good sign that you, that is not the step you want to go in, or that you need help working around your limiting beliefs around that stop.

Speaker 2: (12:56)
That that’s where you want to go. And that’s why you hire a coach, is to help you with those limiting beliefs there. That some it’s just really hard for you often to move out of them because you think they’re the truth. You think they’re fact, I see this all the time on people with Instagram, who, um, especially women who have been indoctrined into playing small, not speaking their truth, keeping quiet, not wanting, not being seen, not being too sexy. You know, all of these things that women are told, like, no, no, no, no, no. Right. And they get on Instagram and they’re afraid to show their authentic self like shocker. Right? And so, but we know that being authentic is part of the journey. This is why it’s a fricking journey guys, your journey. It’s a journey into learning how to authenticity, like authentically love yourself.

Speaker 2: (13:52)
Moment to moment to trust yourself, right? When you have trust in yourself, you have safety and security, no matter how much money you have, you always know that you’re going to be okay. You always know that you’re capable of figuring things out, right? This journey is going to teach you that you’re capable of doing anything that you’re lovable, no matter what, that you’re good enough, no matter what, right. That’s really what all of these journeys are trying to teach you. They’re trying to help make you whole again, we split off all these parts of us from growing up and we’ve been told like that. That’s not a good part of you. Like that’s not something I want to be around. Like, and we take these parts out of us and we split them off. And these journeys that we are kind of called to go on as adults help bring all of those parts back in.

Speaker 2: (14:39)
So at the end of the journey, you have the peace of mind of wholeness, the peace of mind that you were safe and secure, no matter how much money is your bank account, because you will know you’re completely capable of making money over and over and over again. Right. You know, you have all the skills, any problem that arises, right? You learned on the journey that you know how to fix it. You can handle any challenge that comes your way. You’ve learned that it’s safe to be your authentic self, right. And to show up and all of the beautiful things that I don’t know what your journey is about, but whatever you feel called or drawn to do, the thing that you feel excited to do, right? Follow that thread. There will be times sometimes when you get stuck on it, like I said, and that’s just because of limiting beliefs from culture and that’s no problem. Get with a friend, hire a coach, right. Help work through that because it’s just part of your journey. So whatever it is you’re looking to grow or build a result you want in your life, ask yourself, what is it that I think I’m going to feel when I get that result?

Speaker 2: (15:47)
Is it love peace, joy, success, confidence. Is it security and safety, make a list, okay. And start asking yourself how you can provide that to yourself along the way in your journey, the way that you actually provide those things to you are all things you learn when you’re going from point a to point Z. And if you’re doing the work and you’re showing up, you are going to get the external accolades to you just are right. It all comes together. But you’re going to end at the end of this particular journey with all of the fields that you wanted and ready to start on, whatever next journey is ahead of you, whatever next layer of the onion awaits. I’m so glad you tuned in this week. I hope this kind of gets your brain thinking a little bit, that there’s no way to know. Step B, C, D, or E until you do a, that is how you start having a conversation with the universe about how to share your special gift with the world.

Speaker 1: (18:05)
Thank you for joining. I hope you come back next week. Join my mailing list to get notified at my podcast. Follow me on Instagram @katweissner and check out my website. I’ve got tons of free stuff on there at

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