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In episode 18 of the Wildly Confident Podcast we are going to talk about Time Wealth. 

Time is truly the only “finite” or limited resource in your life – but so many of us take it for granted and live our days in overwhelm, exhaustion and resentment not getting what we truly desire and are meant to be doing on our precious time here on Earth. 

Good news – it’s not too late!! You can start to change your life so you are having more joy, love & peace everyday. A good life is one where your day & experiences are rich – where you are living fully into who you are with abundance & overflow – and that is why we want to start increasing your time wealth. Game changer!!

 On this episode you will learn: 

  • What capacity is and why it is so important
  • Why you likely have a problem managing your time
  • 1 practice to start getting more time wealth for yourself

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It's no secret that my clients love their results...

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Hi, I'm Kathrine. I'm a certified Life Coach, Creatrix of my own Multi Million $ Biz, Intersectional Feminist, & Mama to 3 little people. I'm like a combo of a top business strategist, manifesting maven and a No-BS best friend who will call you out and get you back on track to your ideal life.

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Speaker 1: (00:03)
Welcome to the wildly confident podcast where we discuss all the ways to help you get more competent, make more money and get the results you want in your life. Stat I’m Katherine Weissner you’re toast. I’m a certified life coach life coach and the creatrix of my own multimillion dollar business. Hi, so

Speaker 2: (00:24)
Glad you’re here spending 10 to 15 minutes up leveling your life. And today I am going to be talking about time wealth. It’s a concept I came up with to help women start enjoying their days more consistently. I started noticing that with a lot of my clients, they were feeling very overwhelmed with their day. They felt like they were doing things they didn’t actually want to be doing. And they felt really drained and like energy sucked at the end of the day. Um, they felt like other people were also taking their energy from them and they re were resentful towards those people as well. And the more I started looking at this, honestly, it feels like it’s an epidemic here in the United States, amongst women, that they feel like they’re doing a lot of things they actually don’t want to be doing. And that’s actually causing a lot of exhaustion and resistance.

Speaker 2: (01:21)
And what I believe is the number of health issues that, that stem out of it eventually. So this is such an important podcast to be listening to today. If you at all feel any of the side, effects that at the end of your day, you might feel really exhausted and worn out and you don’t really know why, or maybe you do know why. Maybe you do know, um, that you’re doing a bunch of things that maybe are not in alignment with what you want to be doing, but you’re not sure how to make a change in your life. And so I’m going to be sharing a practice at the end of this podcast to help you make some shifts in your life. First, I just want to talk about time. Time is truly the only quote unquote finite resource limited resource. Everything else is is infinite.

Speaker 2: (02:11)
And one might say time is also infinite too, but I won’t get into the details of that. But time is one of those things that like you technically on this earth, you only have so many years you’re going to be alive. We don’t know what that is for any of us. We don’t know if tomorrow will be the day that, you know, we exit our bodies here on earth, or if it be 40 or 50 years from now. And that’s why time is actually one of the greatest teachers. Time is something that helps us stay focused on our goals on the present moment. And it reminds us that how we spend our time is super important and super valuable because we don’t know how much we have. And again, it’s the only thing that we can’t get more of money is abundant, right? It’s everywhere, right?

Speaker 2: (03:03)
There’s abundance all around us all the time. Time is also abundant, but it’s limited. And so I think one of the most important skills for people to learn in their lives is how to really value and cherish their time and how to be selective about how you want to be spending your time. So it’s serving you. That’s why I call this time. Wealth. I think the, you know, the greatest things that provide wealth in your life aren’t necessarily those green dollar bills. You know, it’s nice to have money, don’t get me wrong and I help women all the time with money and make more money. I have a very abundant lifestyle, but the most important things in terms of wealth in life are good health people that love you, you know, your friends, your family, your community, right, to feel safe, right? No matter what to feel like you trust yourself, that you love yourself to have a passion in life that you’re dedicated to, to have meaning in life, to have your day spent doing things that you enjoy.

Speaker 2: (04:18)
That’s what I call time wealth. And if you have a life like that every day really becomes a true gift. But so often we’re living in a go, go, go lifestyle. And our days just passes by. And one after another one after another, and before we know it, another year has passed. Another year has passed and we sometimes get off course, we lose our way. We end up picking up some habits or doing a number of things that aren’t really serving us and getting the type of results or the type of quality we want from our lives. And when I talk to my clients, the things that they want from their lives, they’re typically like deep connection with other people in relationships. They want to feel love. They want to feel joy. They want to have more fun, right? And if you sit back in and if you resonate with any of that, right, you sit back and you look at your day and you start thinking how much of my day do I spend in that energy?

Speaker 2: (05:29)
It often is pretty, pretty low. And the question I ask is like, why can’t you be in that energy? You know, at a minimum, at least 50% of the day, right? Life is not necessarily about being happy all the time. I mean, yes, happiness is amazing, right? Like I’m not knocking that at all, but we have to also feel other emotions and those emotions right. Are what create the contrast in life. So it’s important to feel all of the emotions like sadness is important. Anger’s important, right? All of these things are part of our journey. So this is not about being happy all the time. It’s just about like a life where you feel like you were maximizing it every single day for yourself, where you were living into your desires, where you were living into a space where you are actually creating more energy for yourself, right.

Speaker 2: (06:27)
Things don’t have to drain you. That is that if something is draining you, you got to start questioning how you’re entering into that relationship, because it’s never the other person that is draining you. Clients also come to me and say like, yeah, this other person’s draining me. Like, or this job is draining me. And that is not true. No one can drain you, but yourself, you have complete control and responsibility over your own emotions and your own thoughts. It is your thoughts and emotions that actually are draining you. So I help women start to examine their limiting beliefs around the things that they’re doing. So we can work on creating more of the thoughts and energy and feelings they want to have. So they don’t feel drained anymore. Right. But as part of this process, what we often discover is that they are saying yes to a lot of things that are really unknown for them.

Speaker 2: (07:30)
And when you are doing that, you are reducing your capacity. Okay. Capacity is one of my favorite things to talk about. And for me, my definition of capacity right now is it’s the energy and desire. You have to do something. And so, so times, and I’m sure you can relate to this. Sometimes you have a lot of capacity to do something, right. And other times you do not have any capacity for something you very low energy for it. Like, it just feels like it sucks it out of you. Like I have a lot of capacity to go out in nature and take a walk and smell the pine trees and listen to birds. Like I have a huge amount of capacity, right. For connecting in with nature. It really lights me up. I have a very limited capacity for being on my computer. And [inaudible] some of the, uh, administrative things I need to do in my business.

Speaker 2: (08:32)
Like just, you know, sending out contracts and things like even now, process of sending out their contracts only takes like 10 minutes for me to do. I just the thought of doing it. I’m like, Ooh, it just like, totally takes me out of my energy, takes me to my desire for life. And reality is, is I still want to do it right. But I think it’s about balancing some of the things we want to do with, of the things we don’t want to do and figuring out what really lights you up and what you have capacity for. Right? So we start to figure out what expands us, what broadens our capacity and what diminishes us. And we start to become aware of that because the things that brought in you and the things that increase your capacity, right, are actually going to give you so much more energy throughout the day to do some of the things that kind of dampen your capacity and just provide an overall better experience for your day.

Speaker 2: (09:27)
So it’s really important to start paying attention to what you have capacity around. So that is the practice I’m going to share with you. It is an awareness practice around your capacity. What do you want to actually do today? Right? And if you made a list of those items, you might be really surprised that you hardly have anything on there that you actually want to do. And so what I challenge you to do is start to add, like at least one or two things a day that really light you up that really give you the energy and desire to want to do them. And that is going to have a trickle down effect on the things you don’t want to do. And the more that you do, the things, your energy and desire to do the more, the things you’re not an energy and desire to do are actually going to fade away.

Speaker 2: (10:16)
You’re going to actually get to the point where you’re able to say no to those things, or figure out an alternative way of doing them, or a way to add a little like spark and spice to them where they’re actually turn out to have, you you’ll have more capacity for them. And this isn’t just about, you know, going for a walk. Yeah. Going for a walk is really peaceful, but it’s also is about your career. It is about your family. It is about your relationships. Okay. It is about some of the stuff like I have always been extremely passionate about my job, extremely passionate. Even before I was doing the coaching work, I worked more in a corporate setting and people would say like, you know, a lot of people that would not be like their ideal situation. And I fricking loved it. I get so much fun at work most of the time and was just so dedicated and passionate about the work I was doing and really cared about it.

Speaker 2: (11:12)
And because of that, I was able to really Excel at it. And if you can’t find that passion and that joy and something in what you’re doing in your career book, a consult call with me, book a free consult call with me. You can do it, um, on my website. And you can also find me an Instagram. There’s a link under my bio to book a free call with me. But I absolutely think, I think this is critical for career success. If you are not like have, if you do not have a lot of capacity around, you know what, you’re, you’re spending a ton of your time doing every week at work, you are going to be miserable. You’re going to not like it. You’re going to resist. And that is going to slowly start draining your energy. And it doesn’t mean you need to switch jobs.

Speaker 2: (11:58)
Sometimes it’s just tapping in to what you really desire out of the experience. And we start working on your mindset and then also shifting towards maybe what’s something else there that you might enjoy doing, right? It doesn’t mean sometimes it doesn’t mean you leave a job and get a new job, but often you can make it work in the current situation you have by just working on some mindset stuff. And when you come from that place, when you come from like a passionate place at work, like, whoo, you are going to see so many results and have so much success and your experience is totally going to shift. So when you have that broader capacity, that broader energy and desire and passion in anything you’re doing, when you like put that magic key in the lock, the doors open up and so many different areas, wherever you’re doing this.

Speaker 2: (12:50)
And it just overflows with you having more energy, having more fun. So, but the first thing you have to do is you have to figure out what you have capacity for what you have energy and desire for, because it’s not the same for everybody. And in fact, like the more I do this work, the more I realized, like everyone’s got all these different quirks and it’s amazing. That’s what makes this place such a beautiful world. We live in and getting, being able for you to tap into what your quirks are, what are the things that really light you up that you want to do more of? The more you do that, the more it will come to you. And then the more you’ll be living your life every day into having increased capacity, coming home from work and feeling energized, right? Excited to hang out with your kids, excited to talk them in at night, right.

Speaker 2: (13:40)
Also excited to take that bath afterwards, where it’s all the things. This is a beautiful, beautiful place we live in. We were S we were so lucky to be here on planet earth and experiencing, you know, this life and time. Wealth is all about taking the time that we have here and figuring out how to expand it. And we do that by figuring out how to increase our capacity, how to increase our energy and desire in life. So we can just maximize every day we have here. And when we’re coming from that energy, we give so much back, more back to the people around us, and we add so much more value and joy to this world. So I hope you enjoyed this podcast. If you want to talk more, definitely go book a free consult call with me. This is something I love helping women do. I mean, guys, there’s nothing better than enjoying your day every day, and living into your purpose, your passion, and having meaning in your life. It feels so good. Have a great week.

Speaker 1: (14:46)
Thank you for joining. I hope you come back next week. Join my mailing list to get of my podcasts. Follow me on Instagram at @katweissner, and took out my website.

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