Soul & Spirituality

E29: What Would Death Do?

On episode 29, I am going to talk with you about how making a practice of thinking about death everyday can add so much more freedom, depth & expansion to your life.

It’s one of the secrets to living a more free & joyous life.

Death has been one of my greatest teachers and a concept I look to everyday as I also reflect on and celebrate with gratitude the gift of my own life.

E24: Using Tarot Cards to get Guidance

On episode 24 of the Wildly Confident Podcast, I am going to share with how to use Tarot cards in a way you’ve probably never heard of – so get ready.

I am also going to share some of the controversial history of Tarot and why the images, number and symbols used in the cards help us tap into our subconscious mind and beliefs about the world and what we are capable of.

Ep23: How to Make Self-Care Stick

On episode 23 of the Wildly Confident Podcast, I am going to share with you how to do self-care the lasting way.

Do you commit to self-care practices (such as working out, eating healthier, saying No more….) then end up quitting or regressing a few weeks in?

Confused, frustrated and ashamed that you can’t stick to them?

Don’t worry. It’s just because you are coming from the surface issue

E21: The Truth about your Past, Present & Future

In episode 21 of the Wildly Confident Podcast, we are going to be talking about the past, present & future and how to utilize all three states to get more of what you want in your life.

Do you often get caught ruminating in PAST thoughts?

Or worry and stress about the FUTURE?

It’s just the way the human brain is sometimes BUT we can utilize and harness the power of the past & future in the PRESENT moment to add more happiness, joy and peace to your life NOW.

E17: Authenticity Seeds – Learning how to be Authentic

In episode 17 of the Wildly Confident Podcast we are going to talk about what it means to be Authentic.

So many of my clients come to me with questions about being authentic in community – what I call being authentic in context, how to be authentic all the time and why they struggle with being authentic.

E15: Nervous System Love – Moving from Freeze to Safety

In episode 15 of the Wildly Confident Podcast we are going to talk about your wonderful, flexible Nervous System.

Your Nervous System is one of the most overlooked things that could be holding you back from getting results and creating security, peace and more love in your life and is something I work on with all my clients.

E11: How to Change the World

Being aware and taking responsibility for the state of the world is the 1st step. Because we live in high wealth countries, we are often sheltered from so much of the pain other people are having in the world. If we don’t see it around us – it can disappear from our focus.

E9: How to Win Every Argument

We all want to win – we all want to get our way. But at what cost? How often have you “won” but it didn’t feel great – it didn’t feel like “winning”.

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